Recharge your Hair, Recharge your Life!

They say I am a workaholic. Well, I find that hard to accept. So what if I believe that there is only a finite amount of good fortune that goes around and one should work hard to grab it.  And while you are at it, look your best too, who knows when fortune will smile. On any average day, my to-do list would read as: 6 am- Wake Up 7 am- Pilates 9 am- Breakfast review meeting 11 am- Sales Meeting 1 pm- Sort e-mails, have lunch and make reports 7 pm-Pick up Laundry  9 pm-Heat ready to eat meal 11 pm- Go to bed exhausted. It’s not that I don’t party or travel, I do…with business partners and senior colleagues, of course!! As for friends, I do Facebook them… say once a month?

On a busy morning, I cringe as I step out of my shower and catch my reflection in the bedside mirror, “No God, not another bad hair day” I wail. I have a big business meeting coming up and I need that account, badly…Err very badly to please that I-am-no-less-than-ZigZiglar sales head of mine.

You should let your hair down sometimes, you know said a tiny voice in my head. Ignoring it, I secure my frizzy, dull and tired hair in a high ponytail and rushed to claim that high-profile account. Delayed and harassed, I reach the meeting venue. Alas! The Gods decide to play MTV Bakra with me and the client sends a cancellation message. Whoever said “Customer is the King” did not deal with my set of clients!! Wistfully, I roam around to calm my nerves and come across a Dive shop selling Scuba and snorkeling gear.  As if on a cue, my phone chimes…its Sneha, my only friend who I have not managed to piss off by declining social invitations. In college Sneha and I were a part of a diving club and had enjoyed the treasures of the sea many a times.

 “Hello, Sneha. Long time”
“Yes indeed. You haven’t been in touch.  What’s keeping you busy?’ Quipped my friend
“Well, a girl needs to earn her bread and I like mine with loads of butter”
“If you know how to earn your bread well, you will find many ways to apply butter” sang Sneha.  
 “Listen, Going to Andamans to Scuba dive this weekend….”
Awkward Silence followed Sneha’s declaration.
“Umm, Sneha…u see, I have this presentation on Monday morning.  I need to be on time for that”
“But we are coming back Sunday …”
Actually, Sneha, my hair…over the years it has managed to become more dry, lifeless and unmanageable by diving and the damage sea water can do to my weak tresses.  Only If I had a solution to this.” I was not one of those blessed with healthy hair like hers :(
Oh! Don’t worry about that, I have a secret solution, which will be on your desk tomorrow…”

Before I could answer, Sneha disconnected. Smart girl! I stumble into my abode and tentatively remove the box from under my bed. A long forgotten box full of my diving gear. I shove it back dreading those days spent repairing the damage done by sea water on my weak and tired hair.  I toss and turn in my bed the whole night dreaming of diving, healthy hair and magical hair potions.

Take us out. Let us enjoy the high seas and the smell of wind in us” crooned my hair.

But, how? Sea water will do unthinkable damage.”Another part of me asked.

I reach work to find a small parcel from Sneha. Hastily, I unwrap it to find Sunsilk’s Natural Recharge shampoo and conditioner with a note which read “Let the secret solution weave its magic in your tresses”. I read the label to find celebrity hair stylist and Sunsilk expert, Jamal Hammadi as the co-creator.  Infused with ginseng plant root extract this magical formula promises to strengthen, nourish, and recharge tired hair.


Tentatively, I start applying it in my hair. The wonderful smell lifts my mood as the rich lather starts working on my tired tresses. I feel a tiny difference as I wash the shampoo and start applying the conditioner.  Is it for real?? After rinsing the conditioner, as I pat my hair dry, my fingers glide through my tresses. Am I dreaming or hair as recharged and healthy as gossamer silk are within my reach?

As the week passed, I debated about the trip. Something in those bottles held a promise. I decided to throw caution to the wind and went with Sneha to Andamans. As I walked to the beach and geared up for my dive, a little warm bubble of happiness went “pop” in my stomach.  As I plunged in water, worry free and in awestruck wonder, I knew everything will be all right.


I returned home rejuvenated. The morning of the dreadful presentation, I shampoo my tresses and as I step out to get dressed, my hair feels healthier than ever before. With renewed confidence I have started enjoying my only hobby- Diving and look forward to my corporate life. I love the freedom from bad hair days and now take out time to recharge my life; you see it's hard to see where you're going when your lights are dim. Thank you Sunsilk.

PS: This post is an entry for Indiblogger's Recharge Your Hair, Recharge Your Life contest


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