3 Different Ways to Get Ready for Flying #Airport Styles #lookbook

The way one dresses at airports has picked momentum drastically in the celebrity circuit. Almost everyday we see in newspapers and on the web how a celebrity departed from or landed on an airport in their most stylish designer avatars. Its just as though airport terminals have turned into Red Carpets ... haha.

I have been a frequent flyer in the last couple of years and have done good number of long distance (international) flights. After a couple of hits and misses I realised that "Comfort" is a priority and taking help from pockets & side pockets of clothes and bags respectively would bring much relief. And thereafter came this look

Look # 1: Jeans, T - Shirt, Denim Jacket and a Bag Pack

I stick to this look each time, of course the t - shirt and the jeans change. Its comfortable, functional and can be carried easily to meet the basic standards of fashion.

Make it a point to wear comfortable footwear. Travelling requires some amount of walking and the last thing you would want is to tolerate footwear that hurts.

The denim jackets are great in flights. They help in keeping warm, the kangaroo pockets can carry any personal belongings and of course they are eternally fashionable.

I avoid carrying carry fancy handbags/ shoulder bags. Just one bag pack is enough. The vast space bag packs offer, is exceptional. They can accommodate electronics (laptop etc if any) the multiple side pockets take care of items like papers (tickets, passports etc) and the remaining space inside can be filled with whatever you feel like or need. Plus one remains mobile as hands remain free.

Look #2: Same thing with a stole

If jackets are not an option, just style yourself with a stole. The benefits are the same jackets minus pockets of course and needless to say they look great too ...

Look #3: Other options

I have friends who prefer jeggings, track pants, kurtas etc as they all are super comfortable. Idea is to wear something snug which will which will let you remain comfortable in your journey. 

Always remember to carry something to keep yourself warm on long flights as it can get pretty freezing up in the skies.

And of course remember to carry items like a sanitiser, some tissues, a miniature perfume, a tiny bit of moisturiser and a lip balm (for hydration) and a PEN to write :)

Share your airport style with us in the comments section below.

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