Off-Duty Casual Style

Even fashionistas need a day off. Just like celebrities, some days they feel the need to kick back the stilettos, undo layers & layers of clothing, step out sans make-up & look effortlessly casual yet nice in a sexy way! You always don't require to dress-up to make heads turn.

For bloggers like us, dressing up is a part of the job. Dress-up, pout or smile & click are the mantras that rule our lives! But some days, off-duty casual dressing is the only thing that we all yearn.

Dressing up in a casual sexy way is all about mixing shapes & sizes of your favorite pieces from the wardrobe. Think flowy casual pants or skirt with a fitted top or shorts & mini skirt with a more modest top. B-A-L-A-N-C-E is the mantra here.

Show off that one good feature that you think accentuates your shape. Toned arms? Wear sleeveless tops in solid colors or floral prints. Shapely legs? Time to fill up your wardrobe with shorts & skirts that can be teamed with dressy or casual tops depending on the occasion.

Shorts are versatile & can be worn on picnics, a day out to the beach or even on a shopping spree. Be careful to team them with a more modest top so that you don't end up with that "I am trying too hard" look.

Fitted denims with a nice flowy top & a belt that clinches your thin waist is another good option.

Pay attention while choosing the color of your clothing & buy the ones that set off your features & complexion in best possible manner. Also, try outfits till you find the right size. There is no point in wearing extremely good clothes that do not fit you well.

Choosing the right footwear is the next step to lend that perfect edge to your casual style. Ballet flats, casual sneakers, short stacked heels, flat boots, strappy sandals in metallic, black or white colors are the options you can choose from.

Lastly, don't forget to feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. Don a pair of sunnies, smile & step out in style.


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