My Favourite Blends with Naked 2 - Part 1

The popularity of Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow palettes need no explanation. The internet is filled with the most fabulous reviews by makeup experts and end users of this palette; and of course the countless lookbooks and tutorials which showcase how those wonderful blends and looks are achieved.
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I absolutely love all the palettes and wish I could have them all. But since that is not a possibility, after much deliberation (and confusion), I shortlisted on Naked 2.

Reasons ???
For 1, its versatile - I can use it for day wear as much as I can for evenings
2, the colour range is perfect ... for western get ups to bright and blingy demands of Indian ethnic styling, this palette offers a decently vast range of shades.
3, almost all shades suit my skin tone and colour.
4, It gives me sufficient amount of silver, bronze, gold, brown, cream/ beige and black to play with.

I have tried various combinations ... here are some of my favourites with shade names mentioned alongwith

1. The Rose Gold effect

This is one of the easiest, simplest and the most fuss free one for me. All I need to do is tone it down if I wish to keep the look simple or apply more of those shades if I choose to make the look heavy. So keep the look mellow, alternatively jazz it up for more effect. Combine it with a lip colour of your choice. I prefer pinks, nudes, peaches or reds with this.

Shades used from the Palette

- Base - Foxy
- Eye Lids - Half Baked
- Crease - Tease
- Brow Bone - Booty Call

2. Smokey Eye Look

There would be a separate text book for smokey eyes if one had to just put everything down on paper. The sheer number of colour combinations for a smokey eye are countless. But that one principle ALL BLACK look never becomes a passé nor does it ever cease to create that dramatic effect ... its my favourite 

Shades used from the Palette

- Base - Foxy
- Eye Lids - Blackout
- Crease - Mix of Chopper & Snakebite
- Brow Bone - Booty Call

3. Combination of 3 shades

On days when you are in a mood for some makeup adventure, do indulge in combining 3 colours ... of course keeping the aesthetics in mind. I want to explore combinations like emerald green - dark blue - deep purple and other colours which come well together. But for the time being I have given in, to a fusion of gold and silver with edges of black ... Have a look

Shades used from the Palette

- Base - Foxy
- Inner Eye Lid - Half Baked
- Middle Lid - Verve (can use YDK too)
- Outer Lid (edges) - Blackout
- Crease - Chopper
- Brow Bone - Booty Call

Hope you liked these :)

Will update you with more soon :)

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