The Old Bhuj Saraf Bazaar- A Delight For Silver Lovers!

Having roamed the streets of the colorful market of Bhuj (Kutch), I had made a promise to return soon to feast my eyes on the mecca of silver shopping- Saraf Bazar. A must visit destination for tourists and locals alike if you love this shiny metal called silver, that changes shape under the nimble fingers of expert craftsmen! Silver jewellery is worn across communities in Kutch and is inspired by many factors- trade links with countries, geographical factors, place of origin, wealth, status and in some cases even for better health! Unique jewellery patterns adorn the women of Kutch and add charisma to the colorful outfits that find perfect balance amongst the barren landscape of Kutch. The old Bhuj Saraf Bazaar is truly a delight for silver lovers- indulge in shopping or just take a walk around the bazaar, you are sure to find a treasure!

For many communities across Kutch, wearing silver is a mark of identity, individuality and is considered more than embellishment. Its a form of investment, worn with pride and guarded with a watchful eye. The radiance of the this traditional tribal jewellery is unbeatable. 

Though the prices are steep, sift through the stores till you find a piece of traditional jewellery at Saraf bazaar that you would love to own! Many shops have now started keeping contemporary designs to attract more customers, but we only looked for beautiful traditional designs. 

Let me take you through the quaint lanes of  the almost 200 year old Bhuj Saraf Bazaar:

Feast your eyes on beautiful pieces of jewellery- finger rings with meena work to add color,

traditional necklaces, kadas or todas for the feet and more. 

The jewellery is heavy and preferred in its purest form, hence expensive!

Some traditional pieces are worn for completely different reasons- health and safety of the wearer.  Heavy stud called "thoriya" is important for acupressure points and ensures good health, whereas heavy kadas with protrusions provide safety from animals. 

One can also find aesthetic artifacts like silver trays, religious idols, key chains and more made of pure silver. 

A walk through Saraf bazaar is a melange of daily sights and sounds that delights every visitor. Walk unhurried and take a look around and you shall find hidden treasures. Not much into shopping? Sip of endless cups of masala tea offered by shop owners or notice the joy of Rabari families as they buy silver ornaments- the ones I did had walked 5 kms to reach Saraf bazaar!

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How Do I Get Here:
Many airlines operate flights between major cities to Bhuj airport and Kandla airport located in the Kutch district of Gujarat. From any of these airports hire a vehicle to reach Saraf Bazar.

Where Do I Stay:
Bhuj offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from humble dharamshala stays to luxurious resort options. Mandvi, a picturesque town, located around 45 min from Bhuj is another great option to stay. Know more about Mandvi here. Sea Breeze Resort Mandvi offers luxurious stay in beach side cottages or camps as per your liking. Do get in touch with us to know more. Email #

Things To Do Around Bhuj:
If your visit coincides during the period between late October till March, do visit the Great Rann of Kutch. Other places of interest are Kala Dungar- the highest point in Kutch, Kutch Musuem at Bhuj, Narayan Sarovar- a wildlife sanctuary, The Great Indian Bustard sanctuary and Dhola Vira- an archeological site. You can know more here.

Best Time To Travel:
Best time to travel is between October till March.


  1. Oh, ye jewellery Bhuj me milti hai ....mujhy bahut pasand hain per kahan milta hai ye nahi malum tha, thank you so much ki aapse itna details pata laga 😊

    1. Do let us know when you visit Bhuj, Anita :)

    2. Mushkil hai per kabhinaayi to jarur bataungi πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜


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