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Easy Tips & Tricks to Manage Curly Hair in Toddlers

As someone who had to invest in minimal hair products due to silky straight hair, crafting a hair care routine for my curly-haired child was a first for me!! Although, my toddler's curls are super adorable, I have heard a variety of comments ranging from " I love your toddler's curls " to " It must be a nightmare to manage these curls ." In fact, I did not give much thought to my little one's curls until they began to grow and tangle. Due to their proclivity to become tangled, curls in toddlers can be difficult to manage. Here are a few easy tips & tricks to manage curly hair in toddlers.  Indulge your toddler in an oil massage: One of the best ways to manage your child's curly hair is to use a hydrating oil massage to keep it moisturized. Additionally, use an oil that is both light and hydrating, such as virgin coconut or olive oil. It's rich in vitamin E and easy to wash off. As a result, less shampoo is needed to wash your hair, which prev

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