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Beach Ready For Your Next Vacation

Happy 2019 lovelies!! Hope you all are enjoying a fabulous start to a brand new year and we at Fashion Tourist wish you beautiful moments, treasured memories, peace, love and laughter.
The advent of a new year brings with it a fun activity- crafting resolutions. Getting fitter, kicking habits, healthy diet and more travel are the things most of us look forward to. And many of us love visiting the beaches to loosen up and soak in some Vitamin Sea! 
Planning outfits for a beach vacation can turn into a daunting task and traveling unprepared can easily turn a happy beach vacation into not so happy one. Though one can easily indulge in fun beach activities in swimwear or tank top and shorts, eating or enjoying cocktails at beach side restaurants require a more classy approach.

Think of a beach dress that fits well in subtle and subdued colors in solid color or floral pattern and you have a winner. A-line dresses or maxi dresses are a popular beachwear choice.
There are no specific guideli…

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