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DIY Homemade Hair Tonics For Hair Fall & Thinning Hair That Really Work

Have you noticed sudden hair fall due environmental factors or stress? Moreover, harsh sun or pregnancy hormones add to hair woes too! Whatever the reason, hair fall or hair thinning are undesirable. Shiny hair & healthy scalp are a truly a dream come true! Regular oil therapy, applying pampering hair packs, healthy diet & exercise help in maintaining hair health. In addition,  homemade hair tonics help fight various hair problems. Let's look at some diy homemade  hair tonics for hair fall & thinning hair that really work.  These hair tonics are natural & help restore hair health when applied regularly. In addition, we recommend you do a small patch test before applying to entire scalp.   Homemade hair tonic for hair fall: Excessive use of chemicals on hair, thermal hair styling, poor diet/lack of exercise are a few factors that lead to falling hair. Apart from making lifestyle changes, pamper your hair with this tonic to tackle hair fall. Take freshly harvested alo

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