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Simple Things To Do To Make Life Easy During Corona Virus (Covid-19) Lockdown

Currently, two words- social distancing & lockdown are being heard everywhere. The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the government of more than 140 countries to impose a partial or complete lockdown. Moreover, many health experts believe that social distancing is one of the ways to avoid the situation turning into a full blown crisis. Almost all of us are experiencing the affect of corona virus (Covid-19) lockdown that has infiltrated our daily lives. We all are spending much more time home-bound than ever before. In simple terms, a lockdown prompts people to distance themselves from physically meeting other people unless absolutely necessary, avoiding public places, communing by public transport & more. Just like other things, we all value our freedom only when we lose it.  However, here are some simple things to do to make life easy during Covid-19 lockdown.

Stop Scrolling Covid-19 News on Social Media:

To begin with, stop reading & forwarding things you hear about Covid-1…

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