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8 Ways Bollywood Shows How To Get The Fashion Game Right

If ever in need of do's and don't's of fashion, there are plenty of Bollywood references which are ever handy. There's literally so much out there -  There are fantastic creations which are designed entirely for the red carpet but often do not resonate with our everyday lifestyles or wardrobe choices. Then there are outfits which are designed specifically for camera and look better only on screen. And of course occasionally there are some fashion disaster moments. 
But these days, by and large most celebrities have styling teams in place who not only style them but also help them make wiser fashion decisions. 
Lets check some of these looks which not only pass the test of time but also fit in the definition of "sustainable fashion"
(All images are from Instagram accounts of the respective celebrities, designers, brands or fan pages who's names are mentioned within the pics)

1. High Impact With Minimums

Let's safely assume that everyone owns one black …

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