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Home Remedies For Removing Unwanted Facial Hair

Lustrous, long and thick hair are a dream come true that can be achieved by following a holistic diet, regular oiling and a natural hair care routine. But facial hair on the other hand are a matter of great stress for women all over the world. Usually referred to as pink fuzz, facial hair sometimes becomes such a curse that women are ready to go to any length to get rid of them and subject their soft facial skin to the harshest of treatments like waxing, shaving, or applying harsh chemical-based facial hair removing creams. Such treatments can turn out to be quite bad for the skin, leaving it permanently damaged.

The most effective long-term treatment yet has been the laser treatment, but it is not hundred percent successful for many and is also extremely expensive. However, there are some great home remedies that have just the right positives to them—they are inexpensive, nourishing and not painful to the extent of other treatments. Let’s look at some of these home remedies for faci…

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