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How To Make Natural Makeup At Home

Makeup has been a part of our lives since centuries. When women started using makeup, it was mostly made up of natural ingredients as there were no chemicals or large scale production involved. The ingredients of makeup products have evolved over time from natural ingredients to artificial ingredients or (mostly safe) chemicals. The main reason for artificial makeup products being more popular is that many a times natural products are expensive and require effort to source. However, prolonged usage of such products eventually damage the skin and may cause various skin-related diseases such as skin eczema, black spots, skin burns, blemishes. In fact, chemicals like Lead and Sulphur present in various makeup products has led to many forms of cancers. As awareness about such side effects is increasing, people around the world are shifting to using products (including makeup products) made of natural ingredients.

Buying such natural products on a regular basis can definitely be an expens…

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