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The Many Benefits Of Facial Massage

An ancient therapeutic technique, a facial massage with soothing herbs and oils is highly recommended by Ayurveda as the most accessible way of showering some self love. Factors like pollution, stress, overall health, food habits and more affect the health of our skin. Our facial muscles and nerve points respond very positively to a soothing massage and that's why we all feel immensely pampered when we indulge in a massage. Not only a facial massage relaxes one instantly, it also has many healing and age defying benefits. Though professionals recommend a complete facial treatment once a month with organic and high quality ingredients (look here for some inspiration), lack of time may be a hindrance. We recommend incorporating a 5 minute self facial massage daily in your beauty routine to enjoy many benefits.

Not convinced? Wait till you look at the many benefits a facial massage offers:

Helps Keep Wrinkles At Bay:

A facial massage helps increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to…

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