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Skin Care Post Festivals

The second half of the year in India is usually the most buzzing one with majority of festivals happening during this time. This is a busy wedding season too. So typically it is a great time to dress up & have fun.
Most people who get busy with these functions complain of being over indulgent and usually the complaints are with respect to over consumption of food & unhealthy diets. But if you have been indulgent with makeup as well, then allow your skin to take a break. Just as the body needs a detox, the skin needs some recovery time too.

Here are a few simple & easy things which you can do.
1. Go Completely Make Up Free
No matter how vegan/ organic or chemical free your make up is, point is that they are some products sitting on your face at the end of the day. Simply go off makeup for sometime and allow your skin to breathe. Looking & feeling natural has joys of their own.
2. Moisturize Daily & Use Sunscreen 

Adequate hydration is key to good skin. So makeup or…

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