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Mistakes Which You Must Avoid In Make Up

Hello Everyone,
We have so far covered many topics on beauty such as different kinds make up looks, tricks, techniques, easy home remedies and more. But one thing which remains untouched is the mistakes (in make up) which one should avoid at all costs to save the day. Several people, unknowingly commit these errors and wonder at the end of it as to what possibly went wrong. Also, avoid buying too many products and experimenting too much, keep this easy list of make up must haves ready instead
Here are a few pointers which you can take into account for a happier & a pretty make up look.
1. Avoid copying videos on Social Media Blindly

I will not deny that some of the beauty videos on social media are stunning and the way make up artists transform their client's looks, appears like nothing but a work of magic. But do keep in mind that every face morphology is different, every skin colour & skin type is different. What works on one face may or may not work on the other. For e…

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