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Celebrate Ganesha Festival With Eco Friendly Makhars

In our endeavor to "go green", many of us are adapting small steps to reduce impact on the environment. All around us, people are inculcating the habit of using Eco-friendly materials in our daily lives and are being mindful of the resources used. Festivals are a good way to spread this message to a wider audience and what better than celebrating Ganesha Festival with Eco- friendly Makhars (altars for Lord Ganesha) that are made of natural products. And this is the ethos behind Avighna Creation's Makhars for the upcoming festival. 

Avighna Creation - The Name
Avighna generally means remover of obstacles and the name is specifically chosen to convey a message- lets Pledge to go eco-friendly and celebrate festivals in style
A simple message for us to understand that the world is facing a host of environmental issues today and one of the main cause is the use of non eco-friendly materials.
Eco Friendly Makhars From Avighna Creation - The Need
Usually, Makhars are other dec…

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