Migratory Siberian SeaGulls in Mumbai, A Delight for Every Birdlover

Did you know that you can enjoy sighting seagulls in Mumbai? Siberian seagulls arrive in Mumbai between october and march, every year. As a matter of fact, they can be spotted at Marine Drive & Chowpatty area early in the morning .These migratory birds after a sharp fall in the temperatures in the Polar Regions prepare for migration. Additionally, their bodies become lean and thin for migratory flight. Coupled with their accurate sense of direction they start a journey that sometimes cover more than 10,000 kms. 

Siberian seagulls come to India mostly from Siberia or Australia in November or December to escape from the harsh vagaries of the northern winter. As the daylight hours and food in this period are short. Moreover, the culmination of winter season also marks the end of their mating season. Hence, they return to their native place with the young ones only to come back in the winter season next year.


Armed with sunhats, we started early from Mumbai suburbs to reach the elite “Mafatlal Bath & Boat Club” at Chowpatty. Also, the Chowpatty beach & Marine Drive promenade are other good spots to sight these birds. Thereafter, we hired a boat for an hour to enjoy a peaceful ride. The cool sea breeze and gentle waves were a welcome sight! The morning views on the Mumbai harbor were excellent. A gentleman sat motionless on a boat nestled in a distance, surrounded by Siberian seagulls. Gradually, the boat master gently glided the boat into the sea. Peddling towards a flock of Seagulls soaking the morning sunshine was the highlight of our trip.



Important advisory- Although, we saw a couple of people seagulls, it’ s advisable to not do so. The fired snacks hamper their digestion & make them aggressive. To know more read this article from midday

The Seagulls flocked around making shrill sounds like a cry. We took amazing pictures of the magnificent birds in flight. Besides calmly resting, they flew away on approach. Later, we hired kayaks and drifted over to the Seagull nest to watch them play. Not to mention, a saturday morning had never been better. Refreshed, we then headed back to sit in the winter sun to devour our lunch and watch the last of the Gulls fly away into the Sea. 

The Siberian seagulls can be easily sighted from 7/8 am till around 10 am between October till March. 


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