Sparkle Your Home with Mr.Homecare, a Leading On-demand Home Service.

For all you fabulous people out there, I have finally found the perfect service for you, and that too just one-click away! I recently read about a new professional on-demand home service called Mr.Homecare, and you know how much I love to try all things new, so of course I decided to call them in to review their service.

After some fantastic darshan in Amritsar recently, I returned to an unkempt home, courtesy my daily bai, who as per the usual had a number of alibis as to why she had not done her job!!! :( Mr.Homecare solved my woes in less than 5 minutes, allowing me to book their professional deep cleaning at 8pm on Thursday for a service at 10am the next day!
And trust me, the team was there at 9:55am- when does that ever happen!?!
I was unsure of what to expect at first, but I was pleasantly greeted by a very polite supervisor followed by a team of 4 janitors in uniforms and with very professional looking equipment. For the next 8 hours they cleaned every corner of the house, scrubbed my floors, reached the top corner of all the walls, did a thorough cleanse of the bathrooms, vacuumed and cleaned inside my sofas, as well as used these very specialised chemicals on all our surfaces.
I was so impressed by these chemicals that I actually asked them for a small sample!
It was almost like my house got a spa treatment!

The Fabulous Mr. HomeCare team

My Home Gets a Caring Home Spa Treatment with Mr.Homecare

The Professional Services of Mr.Homecare

My Sparkling Home after Mr.Homecare Deep Cleaning Services

On the whole, I was just so impressed by the entire experience- such a professional approach from the quick booking system, to the punctuality of the team, to the courtesy of the staff to just how thorough they were in carrying out their tasks. It was also so non-intrusive that I could finish writing my blog while they cleaned!

I even like some of their quirky branding:-

In addition to deep cleaning services, Mr.Homecare also offers other convenient services such as pest control, handyman, a/c repair and car care. And again all easily booked through the online and phone booking system.

I think now that my home is spotless I am going to book a car cleaning too!

Kudos to the Mr.Homecare team for pulling this off!

Have you used an on-demand home service before? If not, this should be your pick!
So far they were only in Mumbai, but a little birdie tells me they're now also in Pune...and very soon in Bangalore too!

Check them out:

Facebook - /MisterHomecare
Twitter - @IamMrHomecare
Instagram - @mrhomecare


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