6 Wishes that Come True with Flipkart.

I always imagined a world where Every Wish Fulfilled was not a dream…but a sweet reality. Every year on my birthday, I wanted all my wishes to come true. A cute doll. New clothes and shoes. And chocolates. Not only mine but my best friend Tina’s as well.  How good it would be to have a secret Giftman, who would accumulate our wishes and a like a magician that pulls out a rabbit from his hat, make our wishes come true. I grew up but never forgot that Giftman. Time and again I remembered him whenever I wanted to gift the special people in my life something unique. Mother’s Day called for a thoughtful gift, best friend’s birthday something that would suit her style, brother’s anniversary called for something romantic. But alas, with a hectic schedule, I rarely managed to pick up gifts that my loved one would cherish for years to come. Plus the thought of visiting over crowded malls on weekends are a total no-no for me. No, do not for a second think I hate shopping. I love it. But shopping sometimes felt like a chore with long queues, parking woes, product availability and shortage of time.

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One day someone suggested Flipkart to me. Skeptical at first, I logged on out of curiosity and was hooked instantly. Millions of products were neatly arranged on the Flipkart website across innumerable categories. I made my first online purchase that day and went to sleep, praying that the package would reach me safe and sound. And it did. Ecstatic, I tried Flipkart on several occasions- to find a gift for my parent’s anniversary, to shop for that tomato red color kurta (only a girl would understand how difficult it is to find a specific shade that you have your eyes set on) and to shop in complete privacy. It was like my wishes were coming true with Flipkart!!!

You must be thinking what wishes are those? Let me tell you about the 6 wishes that come true with Flipkart.

- Save time: I treasure my time. I would rather read a book quietly than spend my weekend at a crowded mall brimming with people. Plus sometimes after a hectic week, I rather not drive but sit in the comfort of my home and shop. With Flipkart, at a click of a button, a mall opens in front of me. Its like, a mall has walked up to me and not the other way around. My mom always told me that time saved is money saved.

-Find Great Offers: I love when I find the product I desire at a special price. It makes me as happy as my Ma’s “Rajma-chawal” after a tired day. With Flipkart, I enjoy offers throughout the year. Who says Christmas comes only once a year?

-Enjoy Variety: Many a times, I have returned empty handed from the stores, especially while buying clothes. Sometimes my size was unavailable or the color was just not right. With Flipkart, I quickly select whatever I want and then the various sizes and colors available pop up on my screen, on a single page!!! And if what I want is unavailable, Flipkart notifies me when the product is back in stock. That way I never miss buying my favorite stuff. Yay!!

-Open All Day: Shopping is my therapy. After a long and tired day, I sometimes crave to just look at beautiful products and then buy myself a little “pep-me-up” gift. But stores are rarely open till late. So, I just log on to Flipkart. No need to dress up too. Just chill in your home clothes and buy stuff you want while eating an ice cream. Sounds fun?

-Find a “hatke” gift- I remember one year when I went berserk to find a special gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. What could I gift the woman, I love more than my life?? I finally found one after visiting multiple stores. Now for the special people in my life, I just log on to Flipkart to find “hatke” gifts that speak more than a million words. I still remember my mother’s smile when I gifted her a beautiful hand crafted jewelry box from Flipkart.

-No Standing In Queues: I just hate long checkout queues. On weekends the queues are a mile long and make my high-heeled feed ache!! Plus maneuvering the big bags is another headache. With Flipkart not only, I buy sitting at home and enjoy speedy checkouts, the products get delivered to my doorstep. Now no more queues, isn’t that fun?

So like me…. take a chance…log on and…. make a wish to Flipkart. For you and your loved ones and spread happiness that comes with #EveryWishFulfilled


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