5 awesome dresses that will make you look & feel just right

Simple dresses, evening dresses, party dresses or cocktail dresses, a dress is always a very pretty outfit to be in. If chosen correctly it can hide all the tricky portions and make you look in good shape.

Fashion Tourist lists some cool dresses which could make a good collection in your wardrobe:

Kareena Kapoor's Monotone dress

Do you know the wonders a good coloured outfit can do?
1. It can magically uplift a simple silhouette
2. Effortlessly transform a simple outfit into something stylish
3. Make you stand out in the crowd

Kareena Kapoor's dress at an event in Dubai is one such kind. A simple dress with a front layer and belt looks stunning. Her outfit is in the colour of Old Rose, a colour one doesn't see too often.
So choose a colour wisely and the rest of your look will just fall in place.

Kangana Ranaut in floral

From mythological times, to centuries later, to the retro era & for decades following upto the 21st century, the love for flowers has remained unswerving. Florals have continued to inspire the most top notch designers and perfume companies to release the best variants of their collection in the colours or fragrances of flowers

So obviously why should your wardrobe be deprived of florals?

We loved Kangana's floral dress from Dolce & Gabbana's Fall winter 2015 collection. The deep red roses in bold prints look simply stunning.

So lay your hands on something floral, it shall always hold on its own against any fashion trend

Karishma Kapoor in Black

We need not highlight the wonders of the black dresses. Little ones or maxi size, they will safely sail you through days when time & options are crunched.

Here's Karisma Kapoor sporting black on two different occasions - A LBD for an evening out and a classic black gown by Sonaakshi Raaj at an event.

Will ever will outfits like these ever go out of fashion !!!

Alia Bhatt in abstract prints

Abstract prints are funky, jazzy, edgy and all things cool. Here's Alia Bhatt in a abstract prints looking chic
So add a dash of graphic and random prints to your collection of dresses & perk up your wardrobe a little.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Whats anything without some bling? That little bit of sequence, little bit of shimmer (or even lots of it) can make our hearts and spirit feel much brighter.

Balance out those bling outfits with the right makeup & jewellery (or no jewellery) and you will hit the right note. Here's Jacqueline having a perfect mermaid moment in that sparkling silver dress by Monisha Jaising. Who doesn't want to dazzle in something like this?

A huge part of "looking good" comes from "feeling good" and one "feels good" when the dress is right ... and yes you don't have to spend a fortune each time; there are some very reasonable options available everywhere.

So pick up something like these that fits right and you will be surely asked where you got that dress from :)

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