7 Essentials You Must Have When You Have A New Born

As much as the arrival of a new born brings in happiness and sunshine, it also makes parents a tad bit nervous (especially first time parents) There are over 100 things weighing on their minds like budgets, right items to purchase, proper planning etc etc. Though eventually like all things nice, everything falls in place, a little bit of planning can go a long way.

Though no amount of preparation is enough, here are some basics which will definitely ease out your work with your little one in the initial stages.

 1. Front open shirts / Jhablas for babies. 

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I had bought some very fancy T – shirts when I was doing my baby shopping until my mom pointed out that front open shirts (which Indians call Jhablas) work best with babies. They are easy to get in and out off and eliminate the process of slipping the baby’s head in the t – shirt. Baby can live in them until they start holding their necks on their own.
You could buy a bunch of these in different colours and designs. These front open tops made life very easy for me and I highly recommend it to all expectant parents
 2. Baby Bath bed and Bath Cushion

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Giving new borns a bath can get very scary for even the most experienced parents and grandparents. Just the thought of doing something wrong frightens the best of us. So buy a baby bath chair. The chairs are super comfortable for babies and all the water drains out easily as the chairs are perforated.

The cushion comes in form of a sponge. Its super soft and comfortable. Babies can be just placed on that and bathed.

3. Swaddlers

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Babies feel so snug and comfortable in swaddlers, of course until  they turn 3 – 4 months old and cutely try to stick their limbs out of their wrappers. But in the initial months, these swaddlers keep them warm and cozy. Most mommy – baby shops sell very cute swaddlers. You can alternately buy soft cotton fabric by meter and wrap babies in them.

4. Diaper Rash Creams

Babies have a hard time when their bottoms feel sore or itchy. Obviously they cannot communicate what is bothering them which makes it even worse. Always keep a diaper rash cream handy. Check on which cream with your paediatrician.

5. Baby Carry cots cum Rockers

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 Oh these rockers are a blessing for parents. You can just put your baby in the rocker and carry it along where ever you go. Keep it next to you while you are having a meal or travelling. Some of these cots can be converted into baby car seats too. A great item for both, babies and parents.

6. Digital Thermometers

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It’s most heart breaking when babies fall sick. Keeping a digital themometer handy will help you gauge your baby's temperature and indicate if he/ she has any fever.

7. Baby Monitor

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Baby Monitors have become popular over the last few years. They helps parents hear / keep a watch on their babies from a distance. So you can monitor your baby's movements on the device next to you if you are busy cooking in the kitchen or just taking a breather in your hall while your baby is taking a nap inside in the room.

The list with babies and children never end. These are just a few basics to start with. Hope these help.

Let us know if there's anything else you think for babies and new borns which deserves a mention.

Take care :)


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