Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist- Baby Things To Include in Your Shopping List

As much as the arrival of a new born brings in happiness and sunshine, it also makes parents a tad bit nervous. There are many things weighing on their minds like budgets, right items to purchase, proper planning whilst coping with the changes a newborn brings into their lives. A little bit of planning can go a long way as a lot of parents worry about the new born essentials they need to buy. Therefore, a handy newborn baby essentials checklist is a great way to know about the baby things to include in your shopping list.

Though no amount of preparation is enough, here are some basics that covers a comprehensive list of things a new born baby needs. Keep this list handy and make changes as per factors like seasons- lighter clothes for summers and warm for winters, personal choice of diapers etc.

Bathing Essentials:

A great way to indulge in some fun and bond with your baby that can be even more pleasurable by selecting handy bathing essentials for your newborn.

Baby Bathers

Baby Bathers from Mee Mee

Giving new borns a bath can get very scary for even the most experienced ones. Just the thought of doing something wrong frightens the best of us. So buy a reliable anti skid baby bather. These bathers are super comfortable for babies and make bathing your infant easy for you.

Baby Soaps & Shampoo

Choose gentle & tear free shampoo to wash your newborn's hair. I have tried Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo right from birth on my little one and it helps keep bouncy without stripping it of natural oils. Choose a gentle baby soap that helps preserve your newborn's gentle skin balance.

Baby Lotion

Your baby's skin needs extra gentle baby lotion after bath to retain moisture and combat dryness. Choose a safe & dermatologically tested lotion and apply all over with a loving touch.

Soft Baby Towel

Buy a soft & absorbent towel to wrap your newborn after a bath and ensure the baby does not catch a cold.

Clothing Essentials:

Though a huge choice of new born baby clothes is now available, the foremost thing to keep in mind while choosing is comfort. Lets look at some clothing items you can add to your new born baby essentials list.

Front Open Shirts/Jhablas

For humid weather, front open shirts (which Indians call Jhablas) work best with babies. They are easy to get in and out off and eliminate the process of slipping the baby’s head in the t – shirt. You could buy a bunch of these in different colors, material and designs.  


Onesies come in super soft material with wide head openings and wide legs and are great to have in your new born baby essentials list as they are easy to put on.

Pampering Gift Set for New Born

If you are gifting a new parent, think of  a practical gift like a pampering set that is available in brightly colored and fashionable options. We absolutely love the Mee Mee India pampering gift set made of 9 pieces that are perfect for new borns. The gift set comes packed in a beautiful ribbon wrapped box- a sure delight for any parent.

Socks & Booties

While leaving home for doctor visits or indoors, make sure to keep your babies feet warm with cotton socks & booties.


Though not necessary indoors, do keep a few hats handy while stepping out with your baby to protect their delicate heads from the harsh sun


Babies feel so snug and comfortable in swaddles, of course until  they turn 3 – 4 months old and cutely try to stick their limbs out of their wrappers. But in the initial months, these swaddles keep them warm and cozy.

Diapering Essentials:

Diaper Rash Cream

Babies have a hard time when their bottoms feel sore or itchy. Obviously they cannot communicate what is bothering them which makes it even worse. Always keep a diaper rash cream handy. Check on which cream with your pediatrician.


Choose between comfortable cotton nappies, disposable diapers or cloth diapers as per choice. Nowadays diapers come with a wetness indicator that helps identify a time for diaper change easily.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag with multi pockets helps to carry all your baby essentials without weighing you down. Choose a diaper bag that comes with a diaper changing mat.

Baby Wipes:

Baby wipes help during messy diaper changing times. Carry soothing baby wipes to clean up your newborn after every diaper change while traveling or give a refreshing cleanse at home.

Feeding Essentials:

Bottles & Teats

Newborns often suffer from severe colic issues. Choose premium glass feeding bottles to ensure the right intake of feed and reduced air intake through specially designed anti-colic nipples.

Bottle Sterilizers

Your newborn's immunity is still developing at this stage and investing in a good bottle sterilizer ensures keeping the bottles & accessories germ free.

Bottle Brush

A well cleaned bottle and feeding nipple is the first precaution you can take to safeguard your newborn. Keep a bottle and nipple cleaning brush a must buy in your new born baby essentials list.

Nursing Pillow

A well designed nursing pillow, supports your newborn's head and back while you feed.

Sleeping Essentials:

A comfortable cradle that multitasks as a cot for your newborn is a must buy. A peaceful nap is essential for growing babies and it's lovely to watch your baby fall asleep as you hum a lullaby. A lot of development happens during resting periods so choose the mattress wisely too


A soft snugly blanket ensures protection for your newborn against air conditioning or cooling fan air. Ensure your buy a blanket made of breathable fabric.

Mattress Protector

Babies are often very uncomfortable on a wet bed/mattress as it interrupts their sleep and is unhygienic too. Choose a quick absorbing and dry mattress protector to ensure complete comfort for your newborn

Travel Essentials

Baby Carriers
A lot if women choose to wear baby carriers as babies feel emotionally secure and close while being carried as they explore the world. Choose a baby carrier with adjustable height and seat for total comfort


Newborns are unable to sit properly or hold their heads so choose a pram carefully. A lot of prams nowadays come with a rocker function too. So don't be afraid to take your newborn out for a few refreshing walks.

Travel Sets

Ensure your newborns bathing routine stays the same even while traveling by investing in a carry on travel Set with mini sizes of your newborns favorites

Carry Cot + Rockers

Oh these multi functional carry cots cum rockers are a blessing for parents. You can just put your baby in the rocker and carry it along where ever you go. Keep it next to you while you are having a meal or traveling. Some of these cots can be converted into baby car seats too. A great item for both, babies and parents.

Digital Thermometers

It’s most heart breaking when babies fall sick. Keeping a digital thermometer handy will help you gauge your baby's temperature and indicate if he/ she has any fever.

Though the list with babies and children never end, hope you like our new born essentials list. These are just a few basics to start with.

Let us know if there's anything else you think for new borns which deserves a mention.

Happy Parenting!


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