Fashion Films That I Can Watch Over & Over

Some movies throughout the decades have brought major style and friendships to the big screen. And I can watch them over and over. Like?

Three of my cult-classic favorites, whose eternal characters still inspire the summer style today.

1. The Great Gatsby

There’s no flapper-era character more notable than Daisy Buchanan. She took on the Roaring Twenties in beaded frocks complete with sparkly headbands and chandelier earrings (serious wedding-season inspo). During the day, flowing chiffon dresses with fluttering sleeves were her go-tos for beating the summer heat – and they’re ours now.

2. Lolita

Like most controversial subjects, Lolita sparked a fashion movement. The character continues to inspire designers looking to recreate her retro vibe. Crop tops and skirt sets are everywhere right now, making us think back to this heart-shaped-sunglasses-wearing teen and her style staples: sweetheart necklines, high-waisted bikinis, ditsy-daisy prints, and a smattering of red lipstick.

Fact about the movie: The famous heart-shaped sunglasses that Lolita wears appear only in the publicity photos - she actually wears cat eye sunglasses in the movie.

3. Sex and the City

From TV to silver screen, Carrie Bradshaw epitomizes the unique street style of NYC. One day she’s walking through Central Park in a silk slip dress and a lace coat, and the next, she’s sipping cocktails in a tank and sailor shorts. But what’s most iconic about Carrie’s sartorial choices (besides her tousled, curly locks) is her talent for mixing up designer accessories and body-skimming sheaths.

4. Clueless

If you've become friends with someone you'd never think of gelling up with, then you'll definitely relate to Clueless. High school fashionistas give a total makeover to a bestie. And their friendship goes way beyond hair dye and lipstick. They go through ups and downs but in the end they appreciate each other for who they truly are. Just how a real friend should.

What’s your favourite fashionable film? Share your views in the comments section below!


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