Intense Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

If I am in a mood to create a dramatic look on the eyes, a smokey eye is a hands down favourite. A look like this can be created with many dark colours. I've picked a royal blue and grey for this.

Here's a detailed tutorial of how I achieved this look - Click on the video below.


I start with basic primer application. I recommend that you always apply a primer before intense eye makeup looks like these, so that the products stays in place.

I then apply the shades of blue and grey on my eyelids and blend them as well as possible. Once thats done, I apply a neutral shade across the crease area and then finally apply a very light frosted shade on the brow bone.

Eyeliner and Kohl Pencil are a given for me; so I just continue with the application like we normally do.

You will see in the video that I have used a concealer to clean up the area around the eyes with a Q - tip. This will just add a good finishing to the eye makeup and make way for some neatness.

Incase of intensive eye makeup looks, I generally do my base at a later stage. I have applied the foundation on my face after the eye makeup and covered the tricky areas with a concealer.

By this time the eye makeup is a little settled. During the video I felt that I could intensify the eye look more, so I added a layer of dark drown below the waterline and smudged it out.

They say the thumb rule is to go light on the lips if heavy on the eyes and vice versa and thats exactly what I have done. I have used the a warm brown on my lips. I love this shade, however you can opt for any other shades of browns, pink or neutrals.

You can use any products to achieve this look. However, here's what I used -

For the Eyes:

Eye Primer Potion by Urban Decay
Prussian Matte Eyeshadow by MAC Cosmetics
Print Satin Eyeshadow by MAC Cosmetics
Neutral Tones for the eyes from an Eyeshadow Palette by Sephora
Gel Eyeliner by Make Up Forever
"Magique" Kohl Pencil by L'Oreal
Mascara by Avon

For the Face:
Pro Sculpting Kit by Make Up Forever
Studio Fix Foundation by MAC Cosmetics
Liquid True Match Concealer by L'Oreal

Eye Brow Gel by Essence
Lipstick - TAUPE by MAC Cosmetics

Makeup Setting Spray - Mist & Fix by Make Up Forever

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