Meaning of White Flowers During Weddings

Flowers always play an important role during our special occasions. No occasion is truly complete without flowers. People use flowers for different purposes like to decorate venues during functions and to gift flowers to loved ones. Indian weddings are exciting because they are an elaborate affair with multiple functions. Flowers represent many things including romance, color, fragrance, beauty and provide a beautiful spectacle. From time immemorial, people use flowers during wedding occasions. During ancient times, wedding bouquets were made from select plants to keep evil spirits away from bride and groom.

Nowadays, brides use floral jewelry during weddings which makes them look more beautiful. Since every flower has a different meaning, its imperative to know the meaning behind flowers before choosing flowers for wedding occasions. One can also take help from florists to get more idea about the meaning behind flowers. 

Lets take a look at the meaning of white flowers during weddings.

White Roses:
Roses are loved by everyone because they are so beautiful. Everyone desires to receive beautiful white roses from their loved ones. Any talk about wedding functions are incomplete without these popular flowers. This flower not only loved for its beauty but its fragrance and attractive color too. Roses come in different colors and every color has a different meaning. Red roses mean true love, pink roses mean joy and passion and white roses stand for virtue, innocence, purity, humility, and reverence. White roses are considered as the best choice for weddings as they lend a right intent to this occasion.

White Carnations:
Carnation is another beautiful flower that comes in different colors. Many people like white carnations because of its beautiful and fresh looks and sweet fragrance. This flower has very beautiful petals that make it more attractive. Carnations also come in different colors and every different color of this flower has a different meaning. Carnations can be used for multiple occasions as their presence adds freshness. White carnations are a good choice for occasions of weddings as they symbolize pure love, faithfulness, sweetness and innocence- virtues that help any new relationship.

White Daffodils:
Weddings make the beginnings of new relationships that last a lifetime. Everyone involved in a wedding wants to enjoy this day and collect lots of unforgettable memories. Daffodils are another beautiful flowers that one can use on the occasion of weddings because of its beauty. White daffodils look stunning and these flowers symbolize a new start, rebirth, and new beginnings.

The Lily of Valley:
The lily of the valley is another beautiful and popular flower that can be used for weddings. Since its expensive not many choose to use it. These tiny bell-shaped flowers dangle from a thin stem and this shape makes them look beautiful. They also known as “ladder to heaven”.  Along with their beautiful shape, they also have a good fragrance which makes them immensely popular.


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