The Beauty Of Guttapusalu Necklace

Sonam Kapoor looked absolutely ravishing and her traditional bridal trousseau made headlines. On the most important day of her life, she chose to wear a red and gold lehenga and adorned vintage gold jewellery. We absolutely loved the Guttapusalu necklace worn by Sonam and would love to own a piece soon. Lets know more about the beauty of the Guttapusalu necklace.

Image courtesy- Fc_Sonam on Instagram

Jewellery is adored by women world over and is often worn during religious ceremonies, weddings and social visits. If you absolutely love wearing jewellery check our blog about stylish pieces that shall make you look royal. In India, jewellery holds lot of significance and is an integral part of our traditions and culture. Scientifically, the pieces of jewellery worn serve a specific purpose that benefits the wearer. Necklaces are believed to control emotions and bring good luck. Women often wear necklaces made with precious metals with delicate work of precious stones like rubies, emeralds and diamonds. A gold necklace when worn is supposed to attract a flow of bliss. Women enjoy a special bond with jewellery and are often gifted pieces by loved ones.

Guttapusalu haram or necklace is a very famous traditional design from South India and finds its origins in areas located near the ancient pearl fisheries of Coromandel coast.

Gold, Pearl and Rubies Guttapusalu necklace. Source- Pinterest

Simply explained, in Telugu language, Gutta  means "shoals of small fish" and Pusalu means "beads". Guttapusalu necklaces are usually made with gold and set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds with bunches of small pearls adorning the fringe of the necklace.

Sonam Kapoor chose to wear a long version but one can even get beautiful designs of Guttapusalu necklace in shorter lengths:

Image Source- Youtube  

One may even find Guttapusalu necklaces made with silver, copper and other metals that brings down the cost.

Guttapusalu necklace made in silver and gold plated. Image source- Pinterest


  1. Beautiful article on Guttapusalu.

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