Master Your Make Up Ideas & Get Inspired From These 5 Bollywood Divas

The makeup & fashion looks created by Bollywood actresses always stir some news, if not more. 

There are airport looks where celebs travel as though they are jet lag  & inconvenience proof.  Red carpet looks where everyone who spots their pictures becomes a certified fashion police. Gym looks where they sport their wonderfully toned muscles and of course other events like mehendi, engagement, sangeet & wedding looks of the same stars, should someone from their circle be getting married. 

So recently there were some very exciting make up looks from the lovely ladies. One would see similar representations on makeup feeds & stories on Instagram but the game changes when one faces the camera for the media & shutterbugs. There can be no errors in the styling. There are no filters to hide vanity mistakes. The cameras will just capture images as they are.

So here are some very interesting “Makeup” choices & some stunning work done by their makeup teams. You could try them too.

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Golden Look at Cannes 2019

Image Courtesy: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Official Instagram Handle

Aishwarya’s choice of outfit was debatable but her makeup was on point. She looked perfectly bronzed, golden & sun kissed. The harmony of colours was perfect.
So should you decide to rope in an outfit full of metallics, you could use this makeup look as your reference. Click here to see how to get a similar glowy, makeup look. 

2. Priyanka Chopra’s Cut Crease Eyes at Cannes 2019

Image Courtesy: Priyanka Chopra's official Instagram Handle 

Lets just say that “If it is Cut Crease done right, it’s this!” There are bloggers who create such looks on Instagram all the time & it was a refreshing change to see something like this come alive on red carpet, that too on the woman who is on a roll with global domination.

3. Desi Vibes with Katrina Kaif & Kangana Ranaut

 Image Courtesy: Katrina Kaif's Official Instagram handle

 Image Courtesy: Team Kangana Ranaut's official Instagram handle

One can go light on makeup when pretty sarees are in the picture.
Katrina Kaif draped a simple floral print saree and opted for very light makeup to complete her look. Kangana on the other hand was seen in a signature traditional saree, again in very subtle makeup. 

So when they say "Less is More" - This is it! 

4. Funky Makeup for High Street Fashion - Disha Patani

 Image Courtesy: Viral Bhayani's Official Instagram handle

 Image Courtesy: Disha Patani's Official Instagram handle

We loved the eye makeup in both these looks.
She has accentuated her eyes with a statement bold blue for a denim outfit.

That neon pink is everything and works wonderfully with the floral dress which she is wearing. The whole look is a happy burst of colours.

5. Colourful Fun Stuff -  Sonam Kapoor

 Image Courtesy: Sonam Kapoor's Official Instagram handle

If you look at her eyes closely, you will notice a lovely gradient of colours. Starting with Gold from the inner corners of her eyes, moving to blue and finally melting into a full blown Purple !!!

If Bollywood inspires you in fashion & makeup, then these looks are great references to take cues from. They are fun, with times, edgy & statement worthy !


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