6 Types Of Bags To Own For Every Occasion

Oh what would you do for the love of bags? 

In todays day and age when consumers & brands have become more environmentally conscious and believe in the concept of "sustainability", building a collection wisely goes a long way. Not only investing in the right items does wonders on your pocket, but also gives you a good number styling options to choose from, whenever the situation arises.

So here's a list of bags which should suffice in every occasion. You need not buy all of them at once but if invested in good brands and maintained well, your bags can last a lifetime

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1. A Regular Shoulder Bag

This is perhaps the most common & functional bag around. One can carry it to work, to a mall or for lunches out with friends. Being large in size, lends the luxury of carrying a mini world inside when on the move. Almost all essentials like  - wallet, phone, makeup, keys, edibles, sanitary items, a water bottle & so much more can be accommodated easily.

Large shoulder / tote bag are bags for everyday use. They offer complete value for money and should we safely say -  are a must have in your collection.

2. Clutches

A clutch is typically good when there are weddings, dinners or occasions that demand sophistication. 
Some clutches come with strings/ straps which can be separately clipped to the buckles inside. You can suspend these straps on your shoulders (like regular bags) so your hands remain free. Of course one cannot fit too many items inside but a clutch is a wise option especially if the event in question is a stylish one.

3. Cross Body/ Sling Bags

They are usually not too big & not too small - their sizes are usually just right. You can carry these the regular way or have the strap rest on one shoulder, continue across the body and end with the bag resting on the hip, opposite to the shoulder. This arrangement again keeps your hands free. 
These bags are ideal to use during holidays.

4. Wallet Bag

Some wallets come with strings attached. So you can carry your cash & cards along and maybe slip in a small lipstick inside.

5. Back Packs

If the number of items to carry are too many in number, then a back pack is the ultimate option. So lets say if you have a combination of items like your laptop, some food, some papers, wipes, a spare set of clothes, a power bank, a charger, small makeup box - phew, you need a slightly large bag space combined with the luxury of carrying all this luggage effortlessly - and that's when back packs become handy.

6. Beach Bags

Heading to the pool? Or spending a day by the beach? You need a bag that accommodates a towel, a sunscreen, a cover up  and also survives the sun, water, sand & some heat. 

What you could keep in mind while buying a bag is opting for timeless designs - they survive against trends which come & go. Of course do keep your wardrobe colours in mind when you go shopping. Usually colours like black, nude & gold go well with any outfit. Then of course there are bright solids which work beautifully on colour blocking. 

Every individual's take on bags & taste in the same is different. Some invest in regular high street brands, some invest in ultimate luxury, some opt for local designers & some like to have mix of everything. Regardless of which type of "bag person" you are, having a few options in hand doesn't hurt.


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