5 Simple Ways Of Using Eggs For Healthy Hair And Skin

Most people cringe at the thought of using eggs in their beauty/ wellness routine because it can get a tad bit stinky.
But yes it is one of those edible items that do well in the skin/ hair care department as much as they do in the kitchen.

So if you are up for it and can handle the smell of egg for a few minutes, here are a few beauty egg recipes that you can try.

1. Help tame the irritating frizzy hair

If frizzy hair are getting on your nerves then try, this mix.
Combine a tablespoon of unflavored mayonnaise with 2 eggs and apply the mix on your hair from roots till the end. Leave the mix on the hair for 20 minutes and then wash off with a shampoo.

2. Sort out dry hair issues

Your hair could be drying for a variety of reasons such as weather, excessive shampooing, lack of conditioning etc. Help soften the texture by mixing 1 egg with some lemon juice and applying all over the scalp - all the way upto the roots. Wash off well and hopefully your hair will feel better.

3. For faster hair growth

No method of hair growth is a 100% foolproof but yes an egg might just help. If your scalp has been peeking out a little too vividly lately or you've simply had a bad haircut and want hair to grow faster without splurging on hair growth treatments, then try this.
Whisk an egg and apply it on your hair for a few weeks (2-3 times a week). We cannot promise that your hair will grow faster than usual but oh yes if you respond well to the this, you might just see thicker manes soon. Since hair is essentially protein, the protein from eggs helps promote growth.

4. Helps with dry skin concerns

Is your skin dry, parched, dehydrated?
Combine 1 egg with some honey and make a mix. Apply on the face, all over neck and rinse off post 20 minutes. Your skin should feel slightly better.

5. Care for facial pores

If you want to tighten you enlarged facial pores, crack an egg and separate the egg white from the yoke. Whisk the egg white till it becomes frothy and apply the mix on the face. Leave it on for 15 mins and wash it off. Follow it up with a mild facial toner.

Who thought eggs would help so much? It is a superfood that aids in almost every aspect of well being & growth. Whether consumed through foods or applied topically, it benefits in the most promising ways.


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