Gua Sha: Benefits For Face, Side Effects & Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese technique is gaining popularity world over. Usually used to treat muscle pain & scar tissues, this traditional technique can also be used as an affordable facial treatment. Moreover, did you know that it can be used to increase blood circulation, treat acne & much more? As a matter of fact, this technique is used to treat muscle pains, reduce inflammation & relieve muscle tightness since centuries. Gua Sha massage has gained traction as an effective facial treatment due to it's social media popularity. Let's know more about Gua Sha- it's benefits for face & side effects 

Gua Sha: A Traditional Chinese Technique. Source: Pinterest

What is Gua Sha?

In simple words, a Gua Sha massage involves a trained professional using a tool made with semi precious stones like rose quartz or jade to stimulate muscles. As a  result, this promotes tissue drainage & reduction in pain & inflammation. 

A facial massage with this tool involves an expert applying just enough pressure with a flat Gua Sha tool in scraping motions & upward strokes. However, this step has to be done after hydrating the skin with a light cream or serum. Although, many suggest trying this technique at home, it is nor advisable as it may lead to bruising that may cause skin damage

Does Gua Sha really work?

If done correctly, with help of an expert Gua Sha helps even the skin tone, treat dark circles, reduce acne & add a glow to the skin. In addition, it also helps reduce the onset of wrinkles. Studies show that this technique also helps relieve pain in neck, shoulders, butt, arms & legs. Additionally, studies show that migraines can be effectively cured by this technique.

Gua Sha benefits for face:

Do you suffer from recurring acne & dull lifeless skin? Try this traditional Asian technique that claims miraculous results once done correctly. Our facial muscles face constant stress during the course of the day. Moreover, many experience face bloating as well. As Gua Sha promotes, lymphatic muscle drainage, it helps reduce facial bloating & swelling. A Gua Sha facial also helps even the skin tone & add glow! However, one needs to indulge in multiple sessions to experience positive results.  

Gua Sha side effects:

Although, Gua Sha side effects are limited, many have faced minor bruising or redness of skin after treatment. However, these signs disappear after couple of days. As the expert applies gentle pressure on the skin, the tiny blood vessels under the skin may burst, leading to redness & mild bruising. Although, these may disappear, many face discomfort. Hence, it is advisable to partake a Gua Sha facial massage under an expert's advise.


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