Easy Tips & Tricks to Manage Curly Hair in Toddlers

As someone who had to invest in minimal hair products due to silky straight hair, crafting a hair care routine for my curly-haired child was a first for me!! Although, my toddler's curls are super adorable, I have heard a variety of comments ranging from "I love your toddler's curls" to "It must be a nightmare to manage these curls." In fact, I did not give much thought to my little one's curls until they began to grow and tangle. Due to their proclivity to become tangled, curls in toddlers can be difficult to manage. Here are a few easy tips & tricks to manage curly hair in toddlers. 

Indulge your toddler in an oil massage:

One of the best ways to manage your child's curly hair is to use a hydrating oil massage to keep it moisturized. Additionally, use an oil that is both light and hydrating, such as virgin coconut or olive oil. It's rich in vitamin E and easy to wash off. As a result, less shampoo is needed to wash your hair, which prevents the loss of natural oils and keeps your toddler's hair soft and well-managed.

Be wary of so called natural remedies:

Despite the fact that many articles addressed questions such as "Can I use rice water on my toddler's curly hair?" to soften the hair positively, I strongly advise mothers to exercise caution before attempting any home remedies. Use gentle certified products designed specifically for toddlers' curly hair.

How often can I wash my child's curly hair?

If you wash your child's curly hair too frequently, the hair may lose its natural moisture and become rough and frizzy. Depending on the season, washing your child's curly hair once or twice a week should be sufficient to keep it healthy. Also, use a shampoo specifically designed for curly hair to pamper those curls.

How do I brush my toddler's curly hair correctly?

The notoriously tangle-prone curls need gentle brushing. Although it is tough to altogether avoid tangles, there are, however, steps you can take to lessen them. Also, to make it easier, use a shampoo designed specifically for curly hair to cleanse hair. In addition to removing knots more quickly, it may also soften the hair, making it easier to detangle. Do not forget to lather on a generous amount of conditioner to make those lovely curls more manageable.

How do I brush my toddler's curly hair correctly?

Brushing is a touchy subject, and different people have different ideas about it. Dry brushing curly hair is, in fact, considered a bad idea by many. When it comes to detangling, many people opt for the more natural method of using their fingers rather than any type of brush. A wet brush, according to many, is the best tool for the job. After washing and while the hair is still damp, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle curly hair. If your child's hair is extremely dry, you can also spray it with water or conditioner and then detangle it with your fingers.

Braid the hair to avoid tangling:

Celebrate your adorable toddler's like royalty, crowned in their own curls! To avoid hair tangles, braid the hair before going to bed. Braids also prevent hair from tangling and becoming frizzy by reducing the amount of friction that occurs between the hair and the pillowcase.

So, how do you manage your toddler's curly hair? Tell us in the comments section.


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