Must-Try Sophisticated Eyeliner Looks That Look Fantastic

This Christmas, are you eager to experiment with your eyeliner? Well, we have got you covered! Try these contemporary, trendy eyeliner looks to add that extra "oomph" to your outfits.

Image Courtesy- Andrea Piacquadio in Pexels

1] Double-Mod: The best way to make a double-winged eyeliner is to line the top lash first, then continue the line outward and finish with a winged tip. 

Double-Mod Eyeliner Image courtesy- Pinterest

The next step is to build a second wing along the bottom lash line that resembles the top one. It's a delicate, understated eyeliner that will make you feel alluring without pushing you too far beyond your comfort zone.

2] Feline: This look is for you if you like subtle fashion but want to shake things up. Here’s how to make a stylish cat eye. Connect the dot to the outer corner of your eye with a line. From the dot to the middle of your upper lash line, draw a line, then fill in the outlines. 

Feline Eyeliner Image courtesy- Pinterest

Make a little, elongated triangle in the inner corner of your eye after that. You will certainly feel confident if you wear this classic eyeliner to any Christmas-related events.

3] Fishtail: Tired of the same old eyeliner look? Try this striking, self-assured look to give your holiday glitz a little more punch. Despite appearing challenging, the fishtail eyeliner trend is actually easier to master than most graphic eyeliner looks. Making a top wing liner and flicking it upwards at the wing will help. Make a bottom wing liner next and flick it downwards.

4] Reverse-Wing: For this look, let's switch things "down." Draw a thin line of liner just below the lower lash line, and then extend it at the corner and link it to the upper eyelid. Make a striking, jaw-dropping statement with this easy eyeliner style.

5] Graphic Styles: Now for this type of eyeliner, we invite you all to let loose and use your imagination. Have fun, experiment with colour, and draw patterns that are associated with Christmas! Mix and blend several aesthetics to best capture the holiday atmosphere. 

Graphic Style Eyeliner Image courtesy- Pinterest

There is no specific technique for graphic eyeliner; just give it your best shot while getting into the holiday spirit.

Try these ideas for yourself, and let us know which eyeliner style you prefer for an on-the-go aesthetic as we near Christmas!


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