OPI Nail Lacquers- 10 Must Buy Lust Worthy Shades

“I don’t need another nail color,” said no woman ever!!! And if like us you love possessing a wide spectrum of beautiful nail colors, have a look at an OPI Nail Lacquer counter. Multiple shades and sub shades of a variety of colors beckon you with a promise to lavish your nails. And once you’ve had a look, sample a shade on your nail to experience the sheer joy of an OPI Nail Lacquer application. Begin with a tiny magical stroke of the thick and soft brush that glides effortlessly and before you know, you have painted your nail completely. Such is the smoothness of the texture.

So once you become a fan of OPI, most other nail lacquers will feel pale in comparison. The richness of their colors and quality of their products is incomparable. And with such fabulous colors and collections being launched frequently, it is hard to resist the temptation of having them in your collection.

So here it is....Fashion Tourist presents a list of 10 fabulous OPI shades for some instant nail nirvana.

“All Sparkly & Gold”HL E13
Lets begin with some shimmer. If you are looking for some Golden bling, this is the shade you must wear. A not too bright but striking glitter nail paint makes it a very eye catching shade. A great option to wear at wedding functions, parties and events where one is expected to be dressy.

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“Romantically Involved” NL F75
What does the color Red mean to you? For a few it symbolizes power and strength and to many love and passion. This magical color is the color of seduction too and that is why it also features in OPI’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” Collection. So go ahead and try this luscious crème Red, it’s sure to bring some attention!!!

Image Courtesy O.P.I
“Chocolate Mouse” NLC89
If you are a fan of nude shades or simply looking at wearing a neutral or muted tone; or just feel like going earthy, then this one should make you happy. Its a lovely shade of Light Brown and sticks to the “Less is More” philosophy.

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"That's Berry Daring” NL B36
So here comes a color that shouts – loud & striking. If you are a fan of bright colors, then you will surely love this one. It’s the kind of color one would like to have fun with, making it a perfect one to wear on holidays or to the beaches.

Image Courtesy O.P.I

"Malaga Wine" NL L87
If Sensuality had to be defined by a color, Deep Wine would to the job perfectly. The sheer intensity of the color makes any dress, shoes, make – up and even nails look so sexy that it brings immediate attention; and if this color comes as a nail paint with the texture and bottling of OPI, then be ready for some magic!!!

Image Courtesy O.P.I

"Lapis" DS 045
If you wish to try something bold, intense& different, then this color is a good choice. Part of their designer series, this shade deep sapphire blue with a shimmer finish.

Image Courtesy O.P.I

“Life Gave Me Lemons” NL N33
Neon colors glow, they dazzle, they glare. This shade is a citrusy lime – lemon; a bright combination of Green & Yellow. Its funky, its cool and goes very well with casual wear.

Image Courtesy O.P.I

“Rose of Light” NL G39
“A million points of light radiate from this rosy gold and rainbow sparkle” … this is how the brand defines it and that’s exactly how it is … its shiny, radiant, sparkles &the tiny particles dazzle alternately in different colors on a golden background under light. If you are a fan of Glitter nail paint, then this one will make you dance with joy.

Image Courtesy O.P.I

“To Be or Not to Beagle” / SRFA7
Who wants nail art when there are combinations in glitter like these? A happy mixture of black, white, blue, gray and red thrown in with some glitter.

Image Courtesy O.P.I

“We are in the Black” /ISL 15
Finally the BLACK!!! Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown; creating an air of mystery. But in the world of fashion any collection be it dresses, shoes, eye make up and accessories are incomplete without some “Black” magic and our nail paint collection is no different. So get yourself this shade and flaunt this powerful color.

Image Courtesy O.P.I

So here are some of the most stunning, captivating & charismatic shades of OPI. OPI as a brand always wows us with brilliant shades and colors that we just cant resist. So lay your hands on any one of these and we promise that you will feel as though you have just come out of a Nail Spa!!! Each regular bottle contains 15 ml of Nail Paint. Which is your favorite OPI color? Tell us in the comment section and we might just send you some OPI love.

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