Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai- Treatment, Therapies & Review

In Dubai, endless hours are invested walking through gigantic malls that flaunt countless stores. In addition to the merchandise on offer, there is much to see and do. Our tired feet sent a SOS message, after one such expedition. And off we went in the direction of Dubai Mall. The luxury spa at The Oberoi Dubai, beckoned us. A contemporary hotel located near to the biggest Mall, offers many facilities to patrons. But today, lets look at the treatments & therapies offered at the spa.

Located on to the third floor of the hotel, that also is a dedicated wellness floor, the luxurious spa is placed next to a 24-hour gymnasium & swimming pool. Moreover, colorful paintings adorning the walls elevate the mood.

The Entrance to The Luxury Spa at The Oberoi, Dubai

The spa menu lists a comprehensive range of holistic massage therapies. Western, Balinese, Thai and Ayurveda techniques promote relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing. But being a little pressed for time, we chose the 60 minutes signature massage. Rightly called the “Oberoi massage” it is customized to relax your mind, body and senses. Furthermore, our therapist politely guided us to a nicely lit and spacious massage room, equipped with a changing area. Importantly, the amenities in the changing area include a jewelry box to safe guard your valuables. In addition, we were offered a bathrobe, toiletries for men/women and soft slippers. The massage room itself is calming with its dimly lit and fragrant interiors.

The Amenities at the Luxury Spa- The Oberoi, Dubai

We changed and prepped for our spa treatment with a relaxing foot soak. 

The Relaxing Pre-treatment Foot Soak at The Oberoi Spa, Dubai.

While cleansing our feet, the therapist inquired our preference of massage. As a matter of fact, one can choose from soft or medium pressure and the oil to be used. There were 3 oils to choose from- "Uplift", "Relax" and "Calm". 

Oils for the Spa Treatment at The Oberoi Spa, Dubai.

The Comfortable Spa Bed at The Oberoi Spa, Dubai.

We chose "Relax" oil and requested the therapist to pay special attention to our tired feet and lower back. Slowly we succumbed to the expert stokes of the therapist that soothed our tired muscles. And we entered a dreamy state as the tiredness ebbed away. The 60 minutes ended with a soothing head massage that was so blissful.

Next, we headed to the shower room and indulged in a long shower. In addition, we totally loved the specially crafted toiletries by Italian designer label-Etro. To conclude, we sipped on a herbal tea while enjoying the after glow!

The Post-treatment Herbal Tea at The Oberoi Spa, Dubai
Refreshed after the treatment at The Oberoi Spa, Dubai.

Expert rhythmic massage strokes at the luxury spa at The Oberoi, Dubai is what we recommend.  Relax the mind, renew your tired body and review the soul. So that you can walk around again to find a fabulous bargain. Shopping as they say is not for sissies :

The Oberoi Centre
Al A'amal Street,
Business Bay
United Arab Emirates

Call # +971 4444 1410

Prices vary as per treatment. The Oberoi massage is priced at AED 400.


  1. Liked review very much

  2. Liked review very much.

  3. Thanks a ton for your kind words :)

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