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We all love jewellery, some of us like minimal & some of us like bold designs, some of us want Subtle sets & some just can’t get enough of the bling !!! The point is that no matter what age group we belong to, where in the world we live or what we do for a living, there is always something for each and every woman out there made just for her. No matter how small or big in size the piece is or how expensive or inexpensive is the price–tag, it will surely make a lady look beautiful.

So where do we begin purchasing the right items for ourselves? Life has fortunately become much more convenient with the advent of Online Shopping, making anything we like just a click of a button away & at our doorstep a day later.

So lets have a look at this gorgeous online portal - India’s Largest Online Jewellery Marketplace offering the best prices in the market. They boast a fabulous collection of Jewellery in Diamonds, Gold, Silver, & Watches. Some of the top selling jewellery brands on the website are Nakshatra, Gili, Asmi, D’damas, Sangini, Diya, Parineeta, etc… So you see there are so many known and credible brands all under one umbrella.

Now let me take you through their wonderful collection

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Jewelsouk Jewellery Range

When you click on their ‘Jewellery’ link you are directed to a page which shows you a whole world of options, in different colors, metals and sizes which include:

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Chains
  • Necklaces
  • Bangles
  • Solitaires

Jewelsouk Watches

Watch brands include Miss Sixty, Morellato, Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli, Rotary, Pzero, Chronotech, Iris, etc. They have some very interesting designs and colours for Men & Women both.

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Jewelsouk Coins
  • Purchasing & Gifting Coins has been a very popular practice in my family and remains so in almost all Indian families in our country. On auspicious occasions like Festivals, Birth of a new–born in the family, Weddings or just Gifting, Coins are always a preferred choice for people.
  • So now we have this awesome website where we can order such Coins from. They have a fabulous range available in both Gold and Silver in different weightages & designs of Gods & Goddesses.
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Purchasing Methodology
  • All variants in Jewellery, Watches & gifts can be selected through filters. So for example, while purchasing diamonds/solitaires, the website offers a host of filters where you type in your requirements on basis of Price, Carat, Cut, Color, Polish Lab, Symmetry, Depth, Table, and Fluorescence. Once you have specified all these details, the website shows you options available with all your specifications.
  • Similar filters are available for watches, coins and other items. This not only makes life easy for the customer but also helps him/her in making an informed purchase.
  • Could life ever get simpler than this?

Discounts & Offers
  • Shopping is always more delightful when something gorgeous is purchased on sale. Almost everything you see on the homepage is being offered at a discount of 25% to 50%
  • Currently there is a “Crazy Sale” promotion where items are marked down up to 50%, thereby reducing the prices to half.  For example, there is an Asmi Diamond pendant; it is a glittering piece, dazzling with 12 diamonds crafted in 18KT Yellow Gold. The original Price of INR 20,000 is marked down to INR 12,000 after discount. Superb! Isn’t it?  And by the way, this is just one such deal, for more such fabulous offers, log on to

My Favorites

Donatella brass bracelet for women
Stylish & chic Bracelet from Donatella crafted in brass with an excellent finish and a classy touch

Just Cavalli men's wrist watch
An eye-catching Analog watch from Just Cavalli, the piece flaunts a black colored round dial and a nice black leather strap

Just Cavalli men's wrist watch
Another eye-catching piece that flaunts a green colored round dial and a nice Silver Steel Strap

1 gm Gitanjali Trust Forever 995 purity Ganesh gold coin

So just when online shopping is becoming the preferred choice of purchase for Clothes, Books, Electronics, Furniture & even Groceries for so many people across the country, why should one shy away from purchasing jewellery online? With such trusted and reputed brands under one umbrella the customer can feel safe making such purchases.

So people, go ahead and indulge in some Jewels … like they say, it’s always good to “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go”.

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  1. Gold jewellery is favorite of Indian women, own gold bangles with the hint of Italian and Turkish designs in them.


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