Swatch Watch Fall/Winter 2015 Collection Preview

The Event:

We love attending preview events…especially the ones that showcase fall/winter collections. As we get ready for the temperatures to drop, our favorite brands notch up the style quotient with beautiful and elegant pieces that can be worn with pride to any soiree. One of such events where we had super fun was Swatch Fall/Winter 2015 collection preview hosted at Out Of The Blue, Mumbai.

We walked into the venue and soaked in the décor that spelt ‘Be Swiss” a theme well known across the brand’s admirers and evangelists. We saw fashionistas and swatch lovers trying their favorites time pieces and beautifully set tables ready with delectable cheese and chocolate fondues tempting us to dig in.  We headed to the Swatch showcase and tried many time pieces and picked a few that matched our outfit. …. though we did find it tough to pick our favorite :)

The Fall/Winter 2015 Collection:

Drawing inspiration from international hotspots, for the out-of-this-world collection, Swatch has come up with cool timepieces that depict art, culture, fun & fashion from around the world. The street-beat styles of the Fall-Winter Collection 2015 are loud and exotic, each moving to the tick of its own movement; created when the cultures of the world combine.


Clean, classy and understated, the Tech-Mode collection boasts of contemporary panache. Influenced by hard-core industrial design, these watches have textures that play with light.

Sport Mixer-

With attention grabbing color-blocks, this collection loves making style statements. If you love dynamic, vibrant colors and eccentric pairings, you will love this collection. Ideal for daily wear, this collection ensures you don’t go unnoticed.


Swatch pays a wonderful tribute to its homeland with select Swiss styles that reflect the heritage of this country. Now is the time to invest in these pieces and “Swiss Your Wrists” 

Exotic Charm-

Vivacious and harmonious, this collection is ultra feminine and exudes beauty with serene and bohemian designs. Vibrant colors, textured straps and conversation pieces…it’s all happening here. You need not be a die hard yogi to own Shantaram, Blue Poetry or the Breathe time keeper :)

Street Energy-

Want to express what you feel on your wrists? Go for this bold collection that expresses through emojis. Take fashion to your wrists with seven different moods…now isn’t that fun?


Luxurious, distinguished, elegant and styled with clean lines…you need one of these to glam up your style!!

The Swatch Watch Fall/Winter 2015 collection boasts of fun, trendy, edgy and colorful pieces with price points so tempting, you would want to buy one too many and say “Swatch Me Winter” 

Which one is your favorite from these colorful story-telling pieces? Do let us know in the comments section.


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