Express Your Style With #StatementFurniture And Little Help From Asian Paints.

Sometimes Saturday afternoons can be fun and have a way of surprising us. One such Saturday, at the Asian Paints Signature Store in Mumbai we came across exquisite ideas that could transform the look and feel of our homes and our furniture. Whether one’s looking to craft new wooden furniture or renew the life of an old one, the Asian Paints Color on woods services aptly called Woodtech Studio is just the right place to explore.

Asian Paints Signature Store in Mumbai.

Whatever the size or shape of a room, Asian Paints Signature Store can bring it to life. You can paint the walls and re-accessorize each season, but wooden furniture seems to be the one thing that endures – which is why you should look at transforming them once in few years. So, before you make your decision, make sure it’s just right and take a little help from the Woodtech Studio a one stop solution for anything wood.

While exploring the Asian Paints Signature Store, we jotted down a few interesting interior tips.

1. Floral Pop

If you’re building a classy and sophisticated space, layer your neutrals and add a floral texture to it – but just make sure to stay within the same color family.

Tip: Mix traditional floral fabrics and for statement furniture, pair soft and tough fabrics like silk and then go from there.

2. A cozy spot to read and sip on coffee

The best part about a house? The simple additions of a bold accent can instantly breather new life into your already existing décor.

Add bright reds for a fresh look. This cute little setting has a warm welcoming vibe and is a great way to cozy up the home. So simple, and you don’t have to worry about your first cup of coffee every morning.

3. Bringing in bright color and combining contrasting patterns is a sure shot way to invigorate your space.

Next, we stepped into the world of Asian Paints color on wood services- Woodtech Studio & were excited to learn that there are plenty of ways to add a touch of art into your home by discovering the magic of wood and explore the possibilities of various finishes to enhance your statement furniture pieces. Channel your creativity at the Woodtech Studio & with a little help from the experts narrow down on the right kind of wood keeping your requirements & budgets in mind.

One can browse various different concepts here and then move to choose a finish depending on your furniture piece. We fell in love with the Woodtech Polyester finish that provides a high gloss glass like finish to add a touch of luxury to your favorite furniture piece. The finish is highly stain, heat & starch resistant so forget worrying about your #StatementFurniture piece!!!

Draw inspirations from your everyday style, culture & traditions or your vision and head the Woodtech Studio and see it come alive!!!The best part about transforming your furniture or crafting a new piece is that you get to express your personal style and reflect it into your home, just like we did with one of our furniture pieces.

Does it feel like the perfect time to bring a little inspiration into your home? Click here to enter the Woodtech Studio world right away.


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