8 Reasons For Premature Greying Of Hair

Premature greying has become an epidemic in the modern times. Now a days kids as young as 12-14 yrs have started getting grey hair on their scalp. Hair is a very important part of everyone's personality and having grey hair is like a nightmare. There are various reasons associated to this growing problem. Fashion Tourist brings to you some major reasons for this problem and how they can be addressed.

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1. Hereditary:  

Whether or not premature greying in your case is hereditary will be best judged by a doctor. Once this is confirmed, after conducting relevant tests you would at least be sure of the actions you can take to address your problem. Most of the times hereditary greying can not be dealt with or cured with any supplements or masks or packs. However, all these ensure that the process of greying is a little slow. Eating a balanced diet, exercising, massaging with appropriate hair oils  can delay the process for sure. However, if u already have lots of greys then you can go for a good quality permanent/temporary hair colour.

2. Iodine deficiency: 

Premature greying is closely related to a major medical condition quite commonly seen now a day called "Thyroid". This is mainly due to lack of consumption of iodine. It is a major issue of concern as the disease not only affects the elders but has been seen in infants as well!

Thyroid is a major cause for premature greying of the hair and should be addressed quickly as it leads to many more medical conditions. One should immediately see an endocrinologist and take doctor's prescribed medicines for thyroid. The only solution to the damage to hair is colouring the hair with henna.

3. Vitamin B-12 deficiency: 

This is another culprit for early greying. Although vitamins and minerals are micro nutrients (required in traces by the body), but their deficiencies can have many adverse effects on our body. The cure to this is proper diet--make sure what you eat is comprised of a balanced diet. Cosmetological remedies, massages, hair packs and colouring can also help; however, keep in mind that there is no substitute of good food :)

4. Vitilgo: 

This is a disorder which affects the melanin production in the body. Melanin is the natural chemical or pigment found in the body that determines the colour of skin, eyes and hair. An imbalance in the chemical production can lead to a lot of white hair. Immediate remedy is to consult a doctor, as it slowly may result in de-colorization of the entire body and not just hair. Hair colouring is another solution in this case.

5. Constant cold and sinusitis: 

Due to excessive pollution all around, allergic cold has become a part of our life. It seems as if many are suffering for this problem. Also, sinus patients tend to get white hair very early in life. See an ENT or a general physician to take care of the medical problem. Also, massaging with suitable oils, applying masks and packs and colouring hair are the best remedies.

6. Stress: 

A word we use so often without realising what it is doing to us. Women in the subcontinent may be one of the most stressed in the world. With balancing home and office and being in a constant competition with themselves, their stress levels are a major cause of premature greying today. Meditation, eating a balance diet, relaxation therapy, massage, exercising and just chilling out can help avoid the problem of premature greying.

7. Smoking:

Yes, like many other ill effects associated with this habit, premature greying too is a major side effect of smoking. Lack of oxygen levels at the roots because of smoking is a major reason of greying hair. SAY NO TO SMOKING--It gradually kills every cell in the body.

If the damage is not too much already, then massaging and application of appropriate masks and packs help reduce the problem--even if this may not take care of the problem completely, it will be reduced for sure.

8. Cosmetic reasons: 

Today, right from the age of 2 or 3 we start using dryers on our children. We even allow them to use hair sprays when they have to attend some parties or social gatherings. Even for grown ups, using dryers regularly, applying chemicals like low quality hair colours, going for poor quality spas, using conditioners at the roots when it is specially mentioned on the bottle to avoid that, applying hair sprays regularly kill your hair. These practices not only turn them grey, but makes then brittle and of poor quality and lead to other problems like dryness, dandruff, split ends, slow growth and lack of shine.

If you think you can't do without hair irons, dryers or chemicals of any type due to professional or other reasons, and then make sure you use appropriate cosmetological therapies like massaging, taking good quality spas. Applying nourishing masks and packs will help a great deal as well.

In most cases avoiding a salt and pepper look too early in life is in you hands. Eat right, exercise, have supplements as advised by your doctor, go herbal and natural for hair remedies, keep stress levels low, quit smoking and trust us u will be doing much better than many others who don't follow such a regime. Don’t forget to get regular hair massages to oxygenate the roots and to let them breath. Check out our other blogs to identify the right type of masks, packs, oils. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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