5 Hot Shades Of Lipstick For This Summer

Summers are here and while most of us are melting away in the heat, eagerly waiting for some respite from the weather Gods, there is some relief (read happiness) which comes from the make - up division.

Since everything we wear in this season is designed to beat the heat, there are a few things like 'LIPSTICKS' meant to compliment the atmosphere outside.

Fashion Tourist lists 5 shades which are perfect in this weather:


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Corals are a complete summer must have. They are bright, vibrant, look energetic & joyful and of course can brighten up any face. Like any other colour, they have so many shades like peach coral, haute coral, nude, rose tone etc etc ... So pick a shade which suits you the most and feel in sync with the season :)


Nudes are a rage in all seasons but just work so well in the summers. Formal, casual, semi formal, boho, chic, whatever maybe our look, nudes always look "oh so sexy"

Fuchsias and Pinks

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Hot pink lips make quite a statement and summers are a good time for that. Since most people prefer simple cotton/ light clothing, a splash of a funky colour on the lips will just make you stand out.

Shimmer Glosses

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A little bit of bling is always welcome. If accessories are being kept at bay courtesy the heat, then some shimmer on the lips is good enough


Yes, not many experiment with this colour, but if you wish to get a little more adventurous, do indulge. Match/ pair and colour coordinate your clothes according to the colour of the lipstick and we bet you could just make a new lipstick discovery this season.

There are just so many shades to choose from !!!

So let not the soaring temperatures make you keep colours away.

Let us know which are your favourite shades in the comments section below.

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