6 Healthy And Simple Tips During Pregnancy

Parenthood is the most life changing experience in the lives of a couple. Though most changes begin after the baby is born, for the mother life changes from the time she conceives. Nauseousness, dizziness, aversion to food, weakness being the most common symptoms. Most women wonder if they will ever feel normal again. But yes, everything does become perfectly normal again but with due care.

So here are a few simple tips for you to follow during the 9 months of your pregnancy.

1. Eat Healthy

Most women nauseate heavily through the 1st trimester. Some recover at the onset of the 2nd trimester while some continue to feel nauseous till the term end. Each woman is different. But what remains a rule of thumb is that mothers should be eating healthy. The benefits of a good diet remain unmatched.

Most women sense aversion to food in the first trimester and the mere sight of food makes them feel sick, however a good diet can be incorporated as soon as nausea subsides. Fill up your plates with healthy fruits, home made vegetables and juices.

Make sure the food you eat is nutrient rich. Check with your doctor on a pre natal diet, they can probably help you design your meals as per your requirements and reports.

2. Deal with Cravings smartly

Cravings get pretty intense during this time. I have seen women eating too much junk food in the name of cravings … food which is just adds fat and lends absolutely NO nutrition. Know when is the craving genuine. Is it craving or just greed to fill up hunger? Check with your nutritionist on what you must eat should your hunger pangs hit the roof. No use filling up your body with unhealthy junk which will just add up unnecessary calories.

3. Keep Stress at Bay

The hormones in the female body are on a roller coaster ride and mood swings especially in the 1st trimester at their peak. When pregnancy advances, the stress of delivery and life post that takes over. And if you are a working woman, there’s professional stress to deal with too.

Keep yourself calm. Don’t stress. What has to happen will happen. Stay Cool headed. It will only make your own life easy and the journey simpler.

4. Stay Active

Unless advised bed rest, try and remain physically active. Go for walks. Check with your doctor on any pre natal exercises that are permissible.

5. Sleep and stay well rested

If its your 2nd child on the way, you will know that sleep and rest are going to be luxuries of the past once the baby comes in. So if its your first,  make use of this time and sleep and rest as much as possible. You could probably be spending months (or maybe years) to return to days when you can finally enjoy some uninterrupted sleep.

6. Take adequate care for Stretch Marks 

The skin starts stretching as soon as your baby starts growing in size. But if taken care on time, stretch marks can be prevented or reduced in appearance. Ensure that the skin around the entire belly region stays hydrated and moisturised. Make it a point to apply a lotion everyday after shower and at least once more during the evening. Body butters are good options however do check with your doctor on which cream would work well for you. Stretching skin can cause terrible itching. Do not scratch with your nails !!!  Instead just rub the area very very gently with a soft cloth.
Daily moisturizing can increase the possibility of reduced stretch marks so go for it, of course after consulting with your doctor once.

On that note, take good care of yourself. Be happy, feel happy :)

If you have any such useful inputs, do share with us in the comments below

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