4 Ways To Get Back In Shape Post Pregnancy

Most women (or maybe all) wonder if they will ever lose the pounds they gained during their pregnancy and post that. Life takes a full 360º turn post child birth and the thought of losing weight sometimes feels like a very distant goal and a difficult mission to accomplish.

Losing weight post pregnancy is a process in itself; but a simple one to follow if done wisely and of course patiently.

Remember, any activity that one takes up should be after completing the customary 6 weeks postpartum period followed with a consultation with the doctor.

There are a few things which can be taken care of right from the beginning and some, which can be taken up a few months later ... Here are some ways which can help you, getting back in shape

1. Eat Healthy, Eat Right

We can never emphasize enough on the importance of a good healthy diet. By diet we do not mean
cutting down on food and reducing oneself to consuming fancy salads. What we mean is to ensure that healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, carbohydrates & fibre rich content get included in the meals in the right proportions. Starting with a healthy breakfast, eating something every few hours, minding the portion sizes and fixing appropriate meal times are some measures which do make a difference.

Though breastfeeding keeps weight gain in check, most women binge on junk foods like chips, wafers, fries, sweets etc.  which lend no nutrition but increase the fat content for sure.

So just eat healthy all along. Breastfeeding mothers feel hungry more frequently and feel to need the snack every few hours. Check with your nutritionist on all the healthy foods you can stock at home. Eating healthy will at least aid the process of weight loss eventually.

And remember while you say a YES to Healthy Food; "Dieting is a no no"

2. Get your body moving when you think you are ready for it

Most moms are too tired to exercise, thats OK. You can get back to working out whenever you think you & your body are ready for it; though bear in mind that you should have completed your 6 - weeks post delivery period at least to get started off with any exercise regime.

Get started with a lighter routine and avoid anything strenuous right away. You are getting back to exercising after a long gap. Be kind to you body and begin easy. Even simple activities like going for walks  or simple yoga postures help. You can increase the intensity of the exercises later depending on how you feel, your resistance and your body's response to workouts since you started.

3. Remain active - Get Moving

Keep yourself active and moving. If you are a working lady then remaining mobile comes with your job but if you are a stay at home mom, then keeping yourself busy with other jobs would be nice. Doing household chores, taking the baby out on the stroller,  running behind your crawling baby ... all these activities are eventually good for the body and help keeping depressive thoughts and postpartum blues away.

While recovering from delivery could take time emotionally and physically for the mother, do not allow the new found chaos to stop from remaining active and moving and become idle and complacent at any point.

4. Stay Away from Over Confidence & Laziness

Sometimes the online world kills conventional wisdom and we think we know everything; all this while no positive changes reflect on the body. Sometimes women tend to think that they "know it all" about diets and healthy foods but nothing really translates into weight loss. Couple this with laziness which takes over, even when time is on hand.

Making some attitude changes might help if you are one of them. Sign up with a nutritionist, fitness trainer or anyone certified and experienced. They will be able to offer you a customised plan completely suited to your body type and lifestyle.

So get moving, get kicking ...  Motivation levels and weight loss follow an inverse relationship to a certain degree ... which means the more pounds you lose, the higher your motivation levels will be and the better you will feel about yourself :)

Do share your thoughts / experiences / suggestions with us in the comments section below.

Take care :)


  1. All of these 4 ways are good. To get back in shape after pregnancy is a big challenge and by following these 4 ways it's possible to win such challenge.

  2. Very informative.... thanks for sharing


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