Easy Natural Remedies for Beautiful Eyes

One of the most beautiful asset possessed by us are our eyes. Known as windows to our souls, the beauty of eyes is of utmost importance.

There are some very common problems associated with eyes. Let's look at a few along with their home made natural remedies. These remedies will not make you run to the store to buy expensive potions but can be easily made with common ingredients found in your kitchen.

1. DARK CIRCLES: This problem is most common in today's lifestyle that comprises of less sleep and repetitive late nights.

Let's look at some home remedies to reverse this problem.
a) Mint pack: Grind two slices of cucumber and squeeze them to take out the juice.  Now, take 100 grams of mint leaves and put them in the grinder and squeeze to take out juice. Mix the two juices in equal proportions and apply on the eyelids and keep them shut for 20 mins. Repeat this process for 45 days minimum at first. If the dark circles still persist a little repeat for another 45 days.

b) Almond pack: Dip 5-6 almonds in milk for min 8 hours and grind in a smooth paste. Apply the pack on the eye lids for 30 mins daily for 40 days for best results.

2. Dry eyelids/ dandruff on the eye lashes: Some people develop a lot of dryness over the eye lids. This problem has some simple home remedies:

a) Apply warm clarified butter on the eyelids. Repeat for a week.
b) Apply some almond oil over the lids and massage gently. Repeat 3 times a week, preferably at night.
c) Apply red wine on the lids regularly. This helps a lot as red wine is a great moisturizer.

3. Falling eyelashes: Too much of dryness on the eyelid area and dandruff in the lash area results in falling eyelashes. Excessive rubbing of the eye is another common reason for falling eyelashes. Use of low quality eye makeup like eyeliners , eye shadows etc. is also a contributing factor to falling of eyelashes. Simple home remedies can help reduce this problem.

a) Do not go to bed with eye makeup. Remove eye make up with an ear bud dipped in a baby oil or olive oil helps getting rid of eye makeup completely.
b) Dip ear bud with castor oil and apply on the lash area for 40 days before going to bed. It will nourish, thicken the lashes and reduce falling of the lashes.
c) Apply some milk cream on your palm and rub and the apply this cream on your eyelashes. Repeat for 30 days. Apply the cream only in the morning and rinse wash the eyelids with warm water.

4. Crow's feet: Crow's feet are nothing but fine wrinkles around the eye area.
Let's look at some effective remedies for this problem.

a) Egg whites:  One of the best ways is to take the egg white of 1 egg and beat it till foamy. Apply this foamy white from the corner of the eye till the  cheek bone leave it on for 10 mins or till dry. Rinse with warm water.
b) Aloe vera pulp: Apply the pulp of aloe vera plant on the crow feet area without diluting it with any thing. People with sensitive skin can  add aloe vera in multani mitti (fullers earth) and apply on the area.
c) Coconut oil massage is an amazing remedy for taking care of crow's feet
d) Mix papaya pulp with milk and apply as a pack on the affected area .

Maintaining the beauty and health of our eyes is easy by indulging in little extra care. Do tell us in the comments section how do you take care of your eyes.


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