Benefits Of Applying Henna On Hair

About a year ago, I thought that I must colour my hair. I am a fan colour Red and the obvious choice for hair colour at the time was anything suitable from the Red family ...  Red Copper/ Red Cherry Brown/ Burgundy; shades like these would be perfect.

But I also know for a fact that most of these colours are accompanied with chemicals and elements which are not too conducive for healthy hair in the long run. This made me pick the traditional method of hair colouring - Applying Henna (Mehendi)

I am happy with the results and haven't faced any issues which women generally tend to worry about. It has in fact been beneficial ... here's what it feels like

1. Hair feel healthy

About a year ago my hair had begun to look like broom or much like bristles of a dusting brush. This was despite adhering to a good maintenance regime of regularly oiling, shampooing & conditioning my manes. But sometimes the water/ weather and lifestyle play devil and take a toll on poor hair and skin; making them look like they need a life.

So I took a chance and applied Henna. The foremost concern I had back then, was my hair becoming DRY over a period of time . But it has been over a year since I have been applying Henna ... I have not faced any dryness issues. In fact henna has helped my hair look better, healthier and more voluminous. By touch I know that my hair feel much repaired

2. It is Organic

As of today when most products contain chemicals, using products which are organic and free of substances we read of, only in chemistry books, gives us hope for a healthier well being.
Mehendi powder is herbal and when mixed with items such as shikakai, tea water, lemon juice, and amla, the nutrition quotient of the product shoots up. Yes, the colouring process is not as quick as packaged / branded hair colours we see in ads, on chemist shelves or salons but the pay off is certainly higher as compared to hair colour which may lead to problems such dryness, hair loss and premature greying.

3. Hides the Greys

An ancient and historic trick of hair colouring, this method still does no go wrong.

This process may feel slightly messy ...  men in the house would probably cringe or cry with all the mehendi smell swelling up their senses but thats okay !!! Anything for Good Hair !!!

I always recommend Henna to friends who plan to colour.

Your views???

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