Things Parents Need To Carry While Travelling With Infants And Toddlers

Travelling with kids is as good as a temporary shift of residence. One has to stuff up almost a mini bathroom, a mini kitchen, a mini bedroom and a mini play room -  all in a few suitcases when headed out of home.

Travelling with kids can be a challenge for the parents so the idea is to make your journey as simple as possible. Of course depending on the age of the child, the packing list would differ.
However stacking some of these items listed below will definitely make situations easy to deal with.

1. Wet Wipes/ Tissues & Sanitizers

Keeping wet wipes handy is a must. A wipe is your weapon to clear and combat any mess your child creates. Children being children will indulge in mischief and do things like play with food and touch stuff that they are not supposed to. Wet wipes will instantly help wiping their messy face/ hands/ feet/ to become clean again.

Sanitisers play the same role. Some sanitisers claim to kill 99.99% of germs.

No better way to make way for hygiene !!!

2. Spare Set of Clothes

For instances when your child spills something on him/ herself, an extra set of clothes, become very handy

3. Food Items & Water

One needs to pack food not only on basis of eating habits of the child but also depending on duration & mode of the journey. If you are embarking on long haul flights then stocking items which your child is used to  will be a good idea. Biscuits, their favourite cookies, cheese slices ... anything that will manage their hunger. Carrying some home cooked food is also an option.

Carry something sweet if your child gets nauseaous in flights or while climbing a hill in a car. Kids feel very uncomfortable and get cranky. Some sweets will help in soothing.

4. Diapers

If your child is not toilet trained yet, a handful of diapers is a must.

5. Some toys

Kids tend to get bored rather quickly and have to be kept engaged all the while. Travelling gets boring for adults too at times so it is only natural for kids to feel disinterested in no time. Carry some small toys which do not take too much luggage space ... toys which will keep them happy, occupied and YOU - at peace.

6. Medicines incase of Emergencies / Creams

Most parents will agree that they encounter the most unexpected situations with kids. It is extremely  challenging to look after a child who gets unwell outside the comfort zone of his / her home. At such times pharmacies may or may not be in close proximity. Hence do carry at least basic medicines you give for fever, common cold and allergies (apart from any other medicine your child is already on). If you are on flight, check with the airline if its okay to carry those liquids in your check - in luggage.

Items like diaper rash cream, or some ointment can also be packed, should you think you may need them.

7. Clothes to keep them warm

Always wise to either make them wear or carry jackets incase temperatures dip while travelling.

8. Plastic/ Trash Bags

If you are on a road or a train trip, keep some plastic bags on you. They are helpful in disposing off trash.

Let us know if there's anything else you carry on your trips, which is a must with kids

Take care and have a pleasant journey :)

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