How to Dress Up When Travelling to Really Cold Weather

You have made up your mind & braced your bank account for multiple expenses. Tickets have been booked & a beautiful destination has been chosen in Europe or North/South America. Or you have decided to take the path less traveled & zeroed into a destination that is not chosen by many.  But you are in a fix. To avail attractive airfares & avoid tourists photo bombing you everywhere, you have chosen the months of winter for your travel. Just like I did. 

Recently, I visited Finland- a beautiful & sparsely populated country in Northern Europe. The winter months cast a magical spell on Finland (want to know what can you do in Finland? Read this) & the airfares are an attractive proposition. But traveling to colder countries comes with its own set of challenges. Especially for people like me residing in Mumbai, for whom the term "winter wear" is as important as the landline at home. If you are traveling during mid/ late october till mid/late march to Europe, from december till mid march to North America or mid june till mid september to South America, be prepared to carry appropriate winter wear. But don't worry; we have made a foolproof list of what you can wear when traveling during really cold weather.

Build Up Layers to Stay Comfortable Outdoors
Much about enjoying the outdoors during really cold weather is about dressing appropriately & about layering. Start with a comfortable base thermal layer preferably in wool that offers maximum protection. The mantra is Base layer + Mid layer + Outer layer on the body with accessories like scarves, neck warmers, berets/hats, socks (liner plus outer wool socks) & solid winter boots.

Increase the layers if you are going to stay outdoors in really cold/windy weather or shed them if you will be roaming the streets of a bustling city in milder weather. Many resorts offer special waterproof winter wear for activities.

Here are some outfit ideas for dressing up so that you don't find it hard to stay fashionable during the extreme weather. All looks are created over a base thermal layer of wool.

Look 1# Stay warm & fashionable with this outfit idea in winter weather. Start with a sweater over a thermal base layer & choose a stylish waterproof belted jacket. On the bottom wear skinny jeans or fleece lined tights. Polish off the look with winter boots & a heavy wool scarf.

Look 2# Add some statement to your winter wear with a long or a statement coat, round neck sweater over the base thermal layer. Wear warm leggings along with fur lined winter boots during a colder day or regular winter boots on a milder day. Add a warm beret & fur lined gloves for extra protection.

Look 3# Hoodies paired with skinny jeans are a great way to take a walk during milder winter weather. The hoodie provides protection to your hands & lets you avoid gloves if its not snowing. Wear a hoodie over a base thermal layer & a mid layer provided by a comfortable sweater. Add fur line gloves if you are stepping out in snow.

Look 4# Round neck sweater/Cardigan worm over a base thermal layer paired with fur lined warm leggings, winter boots & warm beret. Add scarves or a neck warmer & gloves if required.

Look 5# Indoor dinners are a great way of shedding layers & donning that favorite dress paired with a woolen scarf, knee high socks & winter boots. Add a touch of eyeliner & your favorite lipstick to complete the look.


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