Makeup Look: Blue Mascara and Lip Gloss

After trying dozens of eye - makeup & lipstick combinations, just recently I laid my hands on a Blue Mascara only to discover that it is the least time consuming makeup routine with fairly fancy results.

When earlier I looked through images on the web, of women with colours on their lashes, I did find them a tad bit dramatic for daily wear but when I tried myself I was happy to learn that coloured mascara can indeed be carried off on a regular day and waiting for a jazzy evening for something like this is really not needed.

So its just the basic eyeliner and kajal routine, only the colour on the wand of the mascara changes and brings in that effect. I teamed it with a lip gloss I use often ... Looks like this :-)

 I am considering purple and green next :-)

What do you think of this one? Do let us know

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