Fitness Rituals: Benefits of Working Out In The Morning

Ah well, here’s the big debate. Lace up in the morning, or enjoy those extra minutes of sweet sleep? I prefer to get my workout out of the way early, though on some days, I’m happy to hit the gym after work. Whenever I am on a health kick, I try to work out as much as possible while also balancing my busy schedule at work. However, I always ask myself one question: Should I get up early and work out or go to the gym after work? The answer might not be as easy as you think. It actually depends on a few things.

As someone who exercises before work 4 times a week, I’m often asked, “How do you do it?”
The key to making it work is to have a strategy and a ritual. If I waited after work, I’d never be able to get my workout in. Set a goal to workout 4 days a week – and if you make it, reward yourself.

Morning Workouts

Those who work out in the morning are more likely to sleep better at night. Research shows that morning workouts are best for you if you want a better night’s sleep. Those who ran on the treadmill at 7AM had longer and deeper sleep cycles than those who exercised at other times during the day. The better you sleep, the better it is for your body. It increases your cardio health, decreases stress and anxiety, helps maintain your weight, and lowers your blood pressure. Plus, the more time spent in deep sleep, the more time your body has to repair itself. Working out in the morning helps you develop a pattern so that you will be more likely to hit the gym when you wake up. Working out early gives you the endorphin kick first up, which means you start your day feeling better.

Tips to make it through the morning workout:

1. If possible, allow some natural light in the bedroom to help you wake up.

2. I have my clothes, food, gym bag and bottle everything completely laid out the night before so I know I can wake up and literally be out the door in 10 minutes. 

3. You start to dehydrate when you sleep because your body goes 6 to 8 hours without drinking anything. Chug up a bottle of plain water when you wake up. Before I go to bed, I make my fruit infused water and the potion makes me feel fresh and energized the next day.

4. Eat a little something like a protein bar, an apple, banana or almonds soaked in water. Or even plain yoghurt with chia seeds. Something quick!

5. Choose a snack that is simple to digest and wait atleast 20 minutes before you work out. It's important because you want the energy from the meal you just ate it without sitting heavy in your stomach while you're working out.

5. Don’t worry about your outfit. Don’t waste your little free time debating wardrobe choices.

6. Then after you workout, have your recovery nutrition on the ready. You’ll always find me with a protein shake that refuels my muscles and holds me until I shower and have a chance to indulge in heavy breakfast. My favourite is Banana flavoured – Whey Protein.

I hope these tips help you to exercise in the morning, and you can start your day feeling energized.

Do you prefer morning workouts? What helps you early exercisers get out of bed in the morning?


  1. Main bilkul bhi exercise nahi karti kyunki cervical n sciatica hai
    Per bitiya ko ye jarur bataungi, thanks dear 😊


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