The Brunch Dress

A bright hued outfit is forever in vogue and I’m looking forward to filling my closet with more of it!

For all the major fashionistas out there! I know there’s plenty of you — a bright hued outfit is a must-have for the season. If you’re looking for a new piece to add or spice up your wardrobe, this is the one to experiment with.

You can wear it to brunches, daytime cocktail parties, or hitting the movie scene. A cherry-on-top dress for those who love all things girly and feminine. But keep the styling simple as the dress itself will have enough color to occupy the eye and head out the door ready to make an unforgettable appearance.

When wearing yellow, I like to play around with cuts to create a stylishly dramatic silhouette. I like anything with a little bit of movement in it; pieces that will make day wear feel almost theatrical. Bonus points if you can wear the dress again to work events!

Shoes will play a major role in the overall feel of your look. They need to be chic yet dreamy and sophisticated enough to be able to play their part in this modern fairy tale. Most of the time they’re not about full-on comfort. You might be able to strut around like you don’t have a care in the world but your legs will get shaky for the mere presence of a glass of red wine within 10 feet of you. But what’s life without a little risk, after all?

Summer is my favorite time to pull off a yellow ensemble. Choosing one impeccable outfit piece like this and sweetening up the look with a fun nail color. Honestly, I think that my summer wardrobe looks way better than my winter wardrobe, and I am so happy to recently have found some cute new staples to add to it.

And I simply cannot get over these sunglasses. I mean, such a statement piece right! I really adore how Prada designs pieces in a way that will have people stunned all at once.

Be sure to add a feminine touch with your beauty look by keeping it soft and natural. Swipe some classic primer underneath and swipe your lips with a dusty brown liner and you’re out the door in less than 5 minutes flat. Radiant skin, flushed cheeks and subtly defined eyes is my go-to look – it wears well in the heat and is easy to touch-up throughout the day.

Super curious to hear your thoughts on this look. What wardrobe pieces are you still looking for this season?

Location Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Mumbai
Photographer: Sagar Karnik


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  2. Ekta Ashar , your appearance is very attractive ,and looks perfect for attending brunch. You will be the envy of the dining group , cool and comfortable . The yellow dress is cheerful , and will brighten everyone's day. The high heels really add a classy look , not to formal ,they look more like
    sandals. The sunglasses , well someone may ask for an autograph, you look like a movie actress. I thank you for letting me comment . It's about having fun and I always have fun here.
    I hope for peace and happiness to be with you always.


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