Intense Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hi guys, 

In this video, I have gone with an out an out black smoky eye. I did a blue Smokey eye earlier and this one is completely black with a single transition colour. It’s quite simple.

Click on the video below to see the entire process from start to finish.

I start off with Stila’s one step corrector. It includes 3 colour correcting pigments which help in diminishing the appearance of pores, fine lines and redness. It works as an amazing base and evens out the skin tone in seconds.

As a thumb rule I start with an eye shadow primer if the eye look to be created is heavy. 

I take some product (black eyeshadow) on the brush and just pat it along the eyelid. Idea is to evenly deposit the product so even if you are a little haphazard with your brush motion, it’s cool. 

My second colour is magenta which will go all along the crease. Apart from making a great combination with black, magenta works as a very good transition colour between the eyelids and the brow bone. 

Once I have deposited both the colours, I start with the blendings. The smoother the blendings, the finer the look turns out. So yeah I’m simply mixing the both the colours along the lines where they meet on both the eyes.

I transition to the lightest shade on the brow bone. You can go with an off white, champagne or any highlighting shade. 

I have opted for a jet black eyeliner. If you are comfortable with your eyeliner styles and wish for some drama, you can go for a winged or a feline style. In this, I have stuck to the classic eyeliner look.

For the brows, I am just going to fill up the lighter spaces and groom out with the brush.

I fill up her waterline with kohl and move on to intensifying the eyes with a matte brown. I am simply smudging the product along the waterline. You can alternatively also apply a thick layer of kajal and smudge it out for intensity. 

Take a look like this a notch up by contouring the cheekbones and sculpting out the nose.

I have applied a very light hint of blush on the apples of the cheeks for a healthy glow.

I have lined her lips with a pink rose shade, it’s bright enough to be visible and muted enough to complement the eyes. I will apply a lipstick in the same colour. 

Have added a dash of sheen with a pigmented rose gold on the centre of the lips which will lend an element of shine and complement the eyes further.

Here are a few pics from the look

Hope you like this look

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