Argan Oil- How To Use For Skin, Hair & Beauty Benefits

Known as "liquid gold" and "miracle oil" argan oil comes from argan tree found in southwest of Morocco. Additionally, it is known for its amazing moisturizing and hydrating benefits for skin, hair and nails. Extracted from the oily kernels of the fruit, lot of people use it for hair growth. Moreover, when applied, it helps improve overall skin health. Coupled with the fact that it contains antioxidants & omega-6 fatty acids, lets look at some beauty benefits of this miracle oil.

Easily absorbed by the skin, it is used extensively in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Since we have been using it diligently every night as a moisturizer, we decided to tell you all about the it's beauty benefits for skin and hair.

Skin Moisturizer- Argan oil helps boost cell production and makes skin soft and supple. Furthermore, it can moisturize extremely dry skin too and can be used on facial skin. You can also leave it overnight for maximum absorption. It may feel a bit greasy if used during daytime. Many of our readers ask-how to use argan oil on face. Just apply a few drops & massage with circular movements. For the right technique, read our blog on facial massage techniques

Do not forget to check argan oil for face side effects, in any case by doing a small patch test.

Not to mention, it is a good body moisturizer too, especially during winters. Just apply a few drops after shower over wet skin and let the oil absorb. Wipe off excess and feel the difference!

Prevents Heat Styling Damage- Love heat styling hair, but scared of damage? Apply 2-3 drops of this miracle oil over wet hair slowly with a wide-tooth comb. Moreover, distribute it from roots to tips. Style hair as usual. Not just the oil is nourishing but also argan oil is good for hair growth.
Helps Prevent Hair Loss- Suffering from hair loss? Try including Argan oil in your hair care routine.

Mix some Argan oil+ Pure Almond Oil+Virgin Coconut Oil. Apply using circular motions from front hairline working towards the neck. Leave it for at least two hours before shampoo. Read some virgin coconut oil benefits here
Healthy Nails and Cuticles- The high levels of Vitamin E in the oil helps strengthen nails. Moreover, the anti-bacterial properties help fight minor infections and irritations, resulting in healthy nails. It also helps moisturize cuticles, which turn dry due to excessive use of nail enamels and other chemically laden cosmetics.

During your pedicure- manicure routine, after removing nail enamel, apply just a drop over your nails. Wait for a few minutes and wipe off excess. Leave your fingernails without nail enamel for just a day for added benefits. 

Our Favorite- Anti Aging Miracle- Application of Argan oil before bedtime is our favorite beauty routine. We have notice our skin behaving well, without any breakouts. After cleansing skin, follow with rose water application (for toning). Apply a few drops of Argan oil all over your face. Massage for 2-3 minutes. This helps in collagen production that helps the skin look and feel great. Besides, anti oxidants present fight the damage induced by free radicals. Dab a few drops on lips for soft and supple lips!!


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