Tutorial: Glam Up With One Express Lip Crayons By Oriflame India

Hi Guys,

In this video I will have used very funky and unconventional lip colors. They are by Oriflame India. They are quite off beat & different from the regular browns, pinks & neutrals.

Oriflame had earlier released a cream eye shadow in shade of Rose Gold. So do have a look here , if Rose Gold is on your mind :) We have also covered Oriflame's The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Collection, so that you guys can choose what you feel the most comfortable with.

Coming back to the lip colors, click below to watch the video

I prep my lips first by applying some concealer on them. This creates a good base for the lipsticks to sit on, helps the colors pop out and allows the lipstick to last longer.

So the first shade I start with is called Indigo Dare. It has purple and blue undertones & when applied over a concealer, looks a tad bit greyish.

I outline my lips first. These crayons have fairly pointed tips so outlining is a simple task. Once the outline is done and lips look well defined, I fill them up with the product. You can apply multiple coats if you wish to make the colour darker.

These crayons have very creamy textures so the lips remain hydrated for as long as you wear them.

The second shade is called Purple Haze. It has magenta & pink undertones and compared to Indigo Dare, is more versatile in wearability.

It is a good day & a night time colour and thus fits into casual as well as party/ formal looks very easily. 

For this look, I do my base with a concealer (like before) and after outlining the lips, I simply fill them up.

The third and last shade I use is called Bubblegum Pink. There couldn't have been a better item to describe the shade. It is a chalky white pink and as pink as the color pink could possibly get.

The application method remains the same as the ones before which is prepping the lips with concealer, outlining them and filling them up with the lip color.

Lastly, I am going to use the Giordani Gold Incredible Length Mascara to open up my eyes. I quite like the wand as it does a good job of lengthening the lashes. I apply generous coats on the upper lashes and use the tip of the mascara wand to coat the lower lash line.

If you are feeling experimental & think that you deserve a break from regular colors you see off makeup counters, then you could indulge in these shades. They are "statement making" ones and could easily be the "star" of your look.

Oriflame The One Express Lip Crayons are available in 7 fabulous shades for INR 589, check them all here

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  1. Sorry dear, videos to thoda kam dekhti hu, kuch health issues n kuch tym ka problem 😊
    Mujhy isme se 2nd shade hi thik laga,baaki 2 to main nahi laga sakti 😁😁

    1. No problem Anita :) we will come back with much more

  2. I have never watched a woman apply make-up until now. I believe it to be an art form .And they need to know a great deal about cosmetics .This is perfect place to learn new techniques . Bhakti , and Tipika .you are so professional ,and unique in your business ,you are trend setters. Thank you for allowing me to participate here. If you believe that a man should not be here ,please let me know. I do not wish to harm your business.

    1. Hey Buck.. Thnx for ur inputs :) we love them

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