Tutorial: 7 Concealer Hacks For The Perfect Makeup Look

Concealers are something which people largely use to cover scars, blemishes and problem areas.  They are a complete must have. You can check on other basic makeup essentials here.

However there's a lot more to concealers than just that - from makeup definition & contouring to correcting mistakes (and sometimes blunders), concealers can completely change the game.

In this video I am going to take you through different ways in which you can use a concealer and have your makeup look flawless. In most of these techniques, all you need is just a pinch of concealer and some Q tips. 

So here are some concealer hacks. Click below to watch the video.

You can also read the details below.

1. Use your concealer as an Eyeshadow Primer

If you do not have an eyeshadow primer, you can simply dab some concealer on your eyelids. It not only serves as a good base for eyeshadows to sit on, but also helps in the colours to really pop out; especially the shimmer & glitter eyeshadows. 

2. Clean up with Concealers to fix mistakes 

If you happen to accidentally apply an excess amount of product on the sides of your eyes, then there’s a quick way of fixing the situation with a concealer.

Watch the video to understand this technique better. I’ve gone slightly off the mark & made the situation a little untidy on the sides of my eyes (by applying excess eyeshowdow)
So I take some concealer on a Q tip and dab it’s along the area I’ve made a mess in. Then I just sweep it off with the q tip.
I always make use of this technique while doing heavy eye makeup looks. You can check some of those eye makeup looks here

3. Fix product fallouts

You could experience some eyeshadow particles falling below the eyes especially while applying glitter or pigment eyeshadows.
Wiping off with a tissue will smear the product further. Instead just dab some concealer on that area and make sweeps with a clean q tip. Simply keep repeating this process with clean q tips and soon the area will be clear of all the fallen eyeshadow bits.

4. Outline eyebrows & lending shape

You can outline your eyebrows with a concealer. 
Once you have finished grooming & filling up your eyebrows, just take some concealer on a brush and swipe it along the outline of the eyebrows (above and below) for a cleaner look. Just remember to blend out the concealer with a brush or your fingers tips.

5. Turn your Concealer into a Highlighter

You need not necessarily use with a shimmery metallic or a prismatic shade each time you think of a highlighter. You can just take your concealer and dab it along the same area where you normally highlight. It’s gives a very natural look.
Also if by mistake you have picked up a foundation or a concealer that’s lighter than your skin colour, you can use it as a highlighter. 

6. For luscious looking lips
If your lipstick is the highlight of your look, then enhance & define it with a concealer.
You can reshape your lips by dabbing some concealer along the natural outline of the lips. You can also correct any mistakes this way. Once outlined, you can blend the concealer out with a q tip or a brush.

7. Use as Lip primers
Want your lips to look plumper? 
Want your lip colours to pop? 
Want your lipstick to last longer?
Then simply apply some concealer on the lips before you put on your lipstick. 

And just as eyemakeup, should you mistakenly spill the lipstick beyond the lip line, you can always correct it with a concealer and a Q tip.

So you see, a concealer can be a great makeup assistant & an effective correcting tool.

Do try these hacks next time because they can really change & up your makeup game :)


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