5 firang celebrities who rocked a saree like nobody else could have

It is not just Indian beauties who can flaunt and pull off a saree! International celebrities too look dazzling and sizzle in a saree both on and off the screen!

Lo and behold! We bring you 5-firang celebs who wore saree and lent a dash of their personality to this Indian attire! Have a look.

Kim Kardashian

Image Courtesy- www.ifairer.com

This international reality TV star chose to don an Indian saree for a photo shoot. A bikini blouse and shimmering red saree accentuated her perfect curves, cleavage and abs! The entire ensemble nailed the Indian-modern look! It definitely broke the internet as well! Rarely do you see a saree draped in such a sensuous avatar and it was such a sexy sight to see Kim taking a break from skintight dresses!

Pamela Anderson

Image Courtesy-https://www.pinterest.com.au

The Baywatch beauty had a cameo in Big Boss a few years ago. In a jaw-dropping revealing blouse and a white saree, she looked sultry and sensuous than ever! The Indian saree is made to enhance the feminine curves and she looked so gorgeous in the nine yards!

Julia Roberts

Image Courtesy- https://www.runwayrani.com

The Monalisa Smile actor donned a saree for her movie-‘Eat, Pray and Love.’ She perhaps is the only actor who wore a saree on a routine basis for her work. It wasn’t a photo shoot or a charity event where she had to appear or pose for a photograph. Instead, she had to actually shoot while draped in nine yards and she looked so ethereal and at ease in it!

Elizabeth Hurley

Image Courtesy- https://www.whatsonxiamen.com

This British model-actress turned and snapped heads, dropped and broke jaws at a charity function when she decided to appear in the Indian ethnic wear saree without a blouse! This wardrobe malfunction apart, she looked beautiful and quite comfortable in this blue saree! In her defense, the charity’s name was Naked Heart Foundation!

Eva Mendes

Image Courtesy-https://www.sareedreams.com

This American actress sizzled in a hot pink saree! She wore the saree for a liquor ad and we can’t decide what could be more intoxicating? Her desilicious saree-clad avatar or the liquor? Paired with a tube top/blouse, her saree is ruffled and an epitome of sensuality, as if she is high on her own beauty!

Just like Indians are embracing the global outfits, international celebrities aren’t shying away from bringing their own interpretation of sensuality and style to Indian ethnic wear either! Without an iota of doubt, they look ravishing!


  1. No doubt sab bahut cute dikh rahi hain, per shyad jitna gracefully hum sab dresses n saree carry karty hain , in logo ne usey justice nahi kiya
    Saree bahut elegant n graceful pehnawa hai na
    Lakin chaliye dekh kar accha lagta hai ki saree bhi international screen per hai 😊👍👍
    Sirf Julia Roberts ne hi bahut gracefully carry kiya hai 😊


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