Tutorial: How To Apply Kajal - Basic & In A Few Different Ways

Hello Everyone,

It is no secret as to how much we all love applying kajal. We (especially Indian women) love those kohl rimmed eyes. It is a beauty ritual which has been passed down to us by generations before us and is there to stay for more generations to come.

But if you are a beginner at makeup or still find yourself struggling with kohl application, then here's something for you. Watch this video to see the most basic way of applying kajal.

And if kajal is already an integral part of your beauty regime, then try a few other techniques (as shown in this video) which might help you in enhancing your makeup game.

Click on the link below and watch some simple & easy techniques which will just add the spark you need :)

I generally prefer using "waterproof and smudge proof" kajal pencils because they stay all day and survive the humidity levels around me. I am using Magique Bold by L'Oreal Paris in this video.

Hope this helps :) 

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  1. Kitna badiya look hai 😍😍
    Main to kajal laga kar 😼😺 aise dikhti hu πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    1. Lol.. ANITA.. we know you must be loolook cute :)

  2. So , again I learn of kajal.. That India's girls have learned from Mother and pass.The knowledge on for many generations. I believe this has added to the Exotic Beauty , Mystic of.Indian Women.
    Dipika is very good at talking you through each step.Bhakt I thank you it's been nice nice to see you.


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