How To Make Natural Makeup At Home

Makeup has been a part of our lives since centuries. When women started using makeup, it was mostly made up of natural ingredients as there were no chemicals or large scale production involved. The ingredients of makeup products have evolved over time from natural ingredients to artificial ingredients or (mostly safe) chemicals. The main reason for artificial makeup products being more popular is that many a times natural products are expensive and require effort to source. However, prolonged usage of such products eventually damage the skin and may cause various skin-related diseases such as skin eczema, black spots, skin burns, blemishes. In fact, chemicals like Lead and Sulphur present in various makeup products has led to many forms of cancers. As awareness about such side effects is increasing, people around the world are shifting to using products (including makeup products) made of natural ingredients.

Buying such natural products on a regular basis can definitely be an expensive affair. In this article, we will share some easy to follow natural-makeup-making recipes that you can use to prepare your own natural makeup at home.


Take 3 tbsps water
1 tbsp fresh aloe vera gel
2 drops of lavender oil \ Vitamin E oil \ Almond oil 

Mix these ingredients thoroughly.

If you need some pigment in the primer, mix the following ingredients instead.

¼ tsp organic Kaolin powder
¼ tsp cornflour
2 tsp of fresh aloe vera gel
1-2 drops of Vitamin E oil / almond oil
1-2 drops of water

When all ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the resultant primer should have a consistency of liquid foundation.

These primers are good to be used by all skin types, however people with oily skin can leave out the oil from the recipe and people with dry or extremely dry skin can add few more drops of oil depending on the level of dryness on the skin.  This preparation can last for a week if refrigerated.

You must leave the primer on the skin for 5 minutes before starting to apply your makeup.


Before preparing the foundation make sure that all required ingredients are in very fine powder consistency. Strain all powders before mixing to ensure smooth texture.

Mix the following ingredients thoroughly in a bowl:     
1 tbsp of very fine cornflour
½ -2 tsps cocoa powder (amount depends on the skin color of the person)
1/8 tsp of turmeric (for Asian skin tone)
½ tsp nutmeg powder/cinnamon powder/ginger powder
½ tsp wheat grass powder
Oil from 2 Vitamin E capsules or 1 tsp almond oil
5-6 drops of any non-minty essential oil (Jasmine / Jojoba/ Rose / any of your choice)

This foundation can last a little more than a week if kept in cool dark place. This foundation provides a good coverage for about 5-6 hours. Add more layers for more coverage. The foundation is a good skin repair mask as well.


You can make natural eye shadows by using of any of the following:

Organic/ homemade beetroot powder (superfine) (for red-pink colored eyeshadow), or
Cocoa powder (for brown colored eyeshadow), or
Any water soluble organic food colors (for more color range)

To prepare the eye shadow: 

Take 1tbsp of any of the selected powder depending on the required color and mix with rose water to make a thick paste. Put in a small container and leave for drying.

You can also add good quality shimmer while preparing the eyeshadow. Once dried, use a wet brush to apply the eyeshadow on the eyelid. 


The same eye shadow mentioned above can be used as a blush. However, you should not use a wet brush to apply the mix as a blush. Just rub the blusher on the dry shadow and apply on the cheek bone area. You can build the color depending on your requirement by adding any organic water soluble food color.


Using a natural product for eye makeup is very important as you must always take care of your vision and eye’s health. You should never compromise on the products you use on your eyes.

To prepare natural kajal, eyeliner or mascara:

Take 10 spoons of homemade ghee (clarified butter). You can also use good quality ghee bought from the market.
One earthen lamp (diya)
Ghee for the lamp
4 cotton wicks
Two tall utensils like steel glasses
One steel plate coated with a thin layer of ghee on one side
Activated charcoal / burnt almond powder to make the product water proof
A small box to store the final product

Fill the earthen lamp with ghee. Place all 4 wicks in the lamp and light them. Take two utensils taller than the lamp and place those utensils—one on each side of the burning lamp. Next, place the plate with the side coated with ghee facing downwards such that it rests on both the utensils with the burning lamp in the center under the plate. There should be a little distance between the lamp and the plate but not too much. Let the lamp burn for around 6-8 hours or till the lamp’s ghee completely burns out. Now, wait for the plate to cool down before picking it. When you turn the plate, u will find a black residue (soot) on the plate’s side that was facing the lamp. Scrape off the soot and place it in a small container. Mix the soot with 1 tsp ghee and the activated charcoal (fine powder form). Store the mixture in a box and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Use appropriate brush to use the product as kajal, eyeliner, or mascara. This product can last easily for an year.


Two ingredients and you are ready for this lipstick!

To prepare the lipstick, take Ghee/unsalted butter and natural food color. You can also use beetroot powder or cocoa for if u need red-pink or brown color.

Keeping 3:1 ratio of the organic food color powder and ghee, mix the two and store in a small container and freeze the mixture.

Note: This recipe will give you a glossy lipstick. To give the lipstick more textured or matte look, add ½ tsp cornflour to the above recipe. Although by adding the corn flour, the color of the lipstick may change slightly. You can add a little more of the food color to reach the desired shade.


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