Strawberry Legs- What Are They, Causes & Home Remedies to Treat Them

Strawberry legs—a condition that many of us live with without even realizing that it even exists!!

Many a times you must have noticed that your legs do not look smooth and neat even after depilation or appellation, or in simple words shaving, trimming, waxing or epilator use. Legs with tiny black holes or spots or even in some cases small bumps are called strawberry legs. A common cause of this problem is clogging of pores on the skin and hair roots, which leads to in-growth of hair.

Such legs give a look and feel of strawberry and those who have these legs will agree that these don’t look good at all. In addition, in some cases the legs look so bad that it’s uncomfortable to wear shorts or skirts. Very often, we also see pictures of celebrity with strawberry legs.

But no worries, as always Fashion Tourist has help at hand. Let’s look at some very effective home remedies for strawberry legs:
Laser treatment & Chemical Peels: 
The most effective in this case is laser treatment. However, not many can afford to get this treatment as it’s the most expensive remedy for this condition. A few also opt for chemical peels for strawberry legs. There are few strawberry legs treatment creams available but their effectiveness is yet unproven.
Say no to shaving: 
Depilatory methods, especially shaving can lead to this problem and is a main culprit in causing this skin issue. Therefore, waxing is the best remedy to reduce the strawberry effect on the legs. Use a hot or cold sugar wax with disposable waxing strips.

Make sure that waxing is done in the right direction (and not opposite to the direction of hair growth) and is not done very frequently.

Luffa (Sponge/Scrubber): 
A very easy and extremely inexpensive cure for this condition is using a luffa on your legs for scrubbing every day. All you need to do is pour a few drops of a shower gel on the luffa and rub it gently on your legs. This helps in opening the clogged pores and hair roots after epilation or depilation and discourages in growth of the hair, leading to a much smoother look to the legs.

Cleansing and scrubbing of the legs: 
In addition, effective remedy is to cleanse and scrub the legs. For this treatment, follow the below-mentioned technique:

a) Cleanser: To prepare a natural cleanser, take:
Apple cider vinegar, 10 ml
Lemon juice, 10ml
Rose water, 30ml

Take a cotton swab and dip in the mix of the aforementioned ingredients. Then, rub this homemade cleanser on the legs and keep it on for 20 mins. Even after 20 minutes, you do not have to remove the cleanser but move on the next step of scrubbing.

b) Scrub: To prepare a natural scrub, take
Finely crushed cumin seeds, 1 tbsp
Yogurt, 1 tbsp
Turmeric. ¼ tsp

Mix the ingredients to make a paste-like scrub. Apply the scrub on the legs over the cleanser. Scrub the legs for 3-4 mins with this scrub and leave it on for about 5 mins. Wet the area after 5 mins and scrub the legs again for a minute. Repeat this routine daily for a month or two or till u start seeing results.

Using Essential Oils: 
This remedy is helpful when the problem of strawberry legs worsens and leads to infection in the roots. An infection can make the spots on the legs look even worse. Essential oils are anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant, and therefore, for people with strawberry legs this remedy with essential oils is a boon. To prepare this magical concoction, take:
Jojoba oil, 3-4 drops
Tea tree oil, 3-4 drops
Almond oil (for use as base oil), 30 ml


Mix all the oils together and then store in an air tight container. Use the oil after scrubbing with a luffa after bath. Repeat daily for a month to see results.

Strawberry legs is a condition that can be taken care of or avoided with some precaution. Therefore, frequent exfoliation is very important for our body along with using better hair removing methods. In addition, using moisturizing and skin tightening packs on frequent basis is a must to have beautiful legs.

We hope that you are soon ready to flaunt those toned legs in some sexy shorts and summer dresses without having to think about the strawberry legs! After all, strawberries are for eating…not flaunting! 


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