Best Buys at Superdrug During Your UK Visit

On my recent travels, apart from the charming English countryside and the romantic Notting Hill if there was something I was really looking forward to was a visit to Superdrug, UK's most innovative beauty and health retailers. Scroll through their instagram feed or walk the aisles stocked with gorgeous and affordable beauty brands, its hard to resist shopping here. A one stop shop for all your beauty, health and skincare needs, Superdrug tempts you with amazing deals all year round. But since we always end up having limited retail therapy time during travels, here are the best buys at Superdrug stores during your UK visit that you should indulge in.

Image Courtesy- Bullring & Grand Central Mall

Makeup Revolution Highlighters

Available at an unbelievable price tag of £3.00 and in 3 shades, this one is a must buy. Highly pigmented, the highlighters suffuse a beautiful glow on your cheekbones.

We picked up the highlighter in shade "Golden Lights" but the other options "Rose Gold Lights" and "Matte Lights" are winners too. If you want to see a quick tutorial on how to use highlighters, watch this video.

Barry M Holographic Eye shadow Toppers 

Love dressing up eyes in electric colors and being a show stopper? Go for Barry M Holographic Eye shadow Toppers  available in 4 iridescent shades. Apply over your regular eye shadow and see the light reflecting particles weave their magic.

Rightly named stardust, supernova, asteroid and luna, this one has us wishing we could party every evening. Priced at £4.00 each.

Real Techniques Make Up Brush Sets

Beauty lovers around the globe know the importance of picking up the right make up brushes for flawless application. Real Techniques Make Up Brush Sets help you achieve fabulous looks without breaking your bank. They make for perfect gifts for loved ones back home too.

MUA Pro Base Fixing Spray Primer

A weightless primer spray, it helps by locking moisture and aids in make up application. Apply after moisturizing your skin and before make up application. Priced at £4.00.

Collection Contour Kit
Many of us find the process of contouring and highlighting a little complex. Though the steps require a bit of practice, they help achieve a chiselled look. We have made an easy video so you can master the technique. The Collection contouring helps you achieve an illusion of a slimmer face and very subtly add structure to the face by working on the bone structure and highlight the cheekbones. Priced at £4.00.

MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

Available in choices of 6, 15 or 25 shades the MUA Eyeshadow Palettes are real value for money. Great for gifting or personal use, these palattes help you achieve a dawn to dusk look easily. Priced from £3.50 till £8.00.
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Do tell us what are your favorite buys at Superdrug and get in touch with us if you need any more information. If a product you are looking for is out of stock at Superdrug stores, one can shop online too.


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