Sihasn- Crafting Beautiful Stories With Indian Fabrics on Modern Furniture

Known all over the world, India's rich textile heritage often converts fabrics into a piece of art that graces our daily lives and cherished occasions. Having enriched Indian garments for centuries, our textile traditions have fought odds and cultural invasions. Though appreciated by a few, most of our textile art forms are on the brink of extinction. A niche community that consists of textile revivalists, designers and retailers are investing a great deal of time and energy to preserve and celebrate our long-standing traditions not limiting to garments but home decor as well. As a matter of fact, one such company is Sihasn that drapes beautiful Indian fabrics on modern pieces of furniture.

The Ornate Patterned Dhurrie Rocking Chair

For many, one of the most creative ways of expressing individuality, lifestyle and culture is with our living spaces. Home or at work place, furniture we choose help our spaces feel lived in, welcoming and complete. Apart from being timeless and functional, our furniture needs to be an extension of our personalities. So why not celebrate our vast textile heritage with bespoke home decor pieces created by master craftsmen?

The Story Of Sihasn

Born out of a simple desire to explore and embrace India’s unsung textile heritage, crafts bespoke pieces that can be cherished for its aesthetic value as well as functionality. Painstakingly sourced upholstery from all corners of the country where master artisans weave magic with nimble fingers are draped on pieces of modern home furniture that helps bring a touch of Indian heritage into our modern homes.

Appreciating and preserving our vast textile heritage is easy with Sihasn as one can choose their favorites from a vast catalogue. There is a piece crafted just for you with an unique story that appeals to everyone. Choose from Assam Muga Silk Cotton Love Seat for cozy times, Floral Star Patterned Ajrakh 3 Seater Sofa for your living room, space saving Dhurrie & Naga Shawl Folding Chairs, Red Blue Banni Patchwork Armchair that envelops you in its warmth, Naga Shawl Lounge Chair paired with a sentinel Pitara or Tabla to curl up and read after a long day or the outstanding Kantha Collection embroidered by master craftswoman, Takdira Begum.

Our Favorite Piece- Naga Shawl Lounge Chair With Detachable Surface & Knob

A Little More About The Kantha Collection:

Recipient of the Shilp Guru National Award in 2009, Takdira Begum has single-handedly reinvented the simple Kantha stitch. A 2500 year old craft, indigenous to Bengal, the art of Kantha is renowned all over the world. Over the years, the art began to fade but in 1980s, Kantha came back on the scene with a few British and American connoisseurs exhibiting the art in a few upscale galleries.

Takdira Begum has crafted beautiful geometric patterns with precise symmetry that are near impossible to achieve by hand. Sihasn has crafted limited but beautiful pieces with this Kantha collection that can be a cynosure of all eyes when placed in your abode.

Sitting On Stories With Sihasn:

For centuries, artisans all over the country have crafted stories through the art of weaving, dyeing and embroidering on Indian fabrics. With bespoke furniture pieces from Sihasn, we can add an unique touch to our homes. The collection celebrates the versatility of the original Indian rug - Rajasthani dhurries, the shrewdness of the nomadic herders of the Banni tribe that are inclined to not waste any fabric with the art of patchwork, the traditional art of block printing on Mashru silk- Kutchi Ajrakh, the intricate weaving techniques of Naga Shawl and much more on functional and versatile pieces of furniture that can turn a dull corner into inviting spots! A few pieces are designed to include storage options blending functionality with aesthetics to celebrate smaller spaces, now that's what we love!!!

The Versatile Range of Dhurrie Folding Chairs From Sihasn

The other thing we loved about Sihasn was that one can opt for customization by upholstering furniture with a heirloom piece and make their own stories. Visualize a heirloom saree upholstered on a choice piece from the catalogue of Sihasn, sitting with pride in your abode- your own personal story! To read one such endearing story crafted from a heirloom saree click here

With its unique collection, Sihasn aims to revive our traditional textiles, so why just settle with functional furniture, why not craft a different story?


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