Skin & Hair Care During & Post Holidays

Skin & Hair have a mind of their own and behave a little differently than usual with change of location. Holidays or being outstation is one such time. 

Here are a few things you could do when travel is in the picture.

On Beach Holidays

1. Use Sunscreen

Moisturize and then use lots of sunscreen. Importance of using sunscreen is something which almost everyone is aware of, but at times tend to ignore. The sun is harsh on ocean fronts and while all you beach bums are soaking in the happy sunshine, making sure that your skin is guarded against the sunlight with some sunscreen, will protect your skin immensely.

2. Opt for Skin Icing

Rubbing some ice cubes on the face brings in much needed coolness and relief. Indulge in some skin icing when you return to your room after spending time on the beach. It will calm the skin down. Read more about skin icing here.
If ice is not an option, dampen a wet wipe in some tap water and keep it in the fridge for a few minutes. Apply it on the face like a sheet mask and see how good you feel :)

3. Ensure complete makeup removal

Do not get lazy in removing all your makeup before you go to bed. Even if you have had a makeup free day, remember to cleanse your skin before you snooze.

And of course drink lots of water and keep yourself & your skin hydrated.

In colder climates, skin becomes dry and the intensity of dryness varies depending on how cold it gets. But intense moisturizing is one way of keeping skin healthy; and of course using an appropriate face wash & drinking lots of fluids always helps.

Now lets come to "post - holiday" skin care. We have returned  home, sunk in post holiday blues. 
Now what do we do?

Pamper your skin in a few ways like these -

1. Indulge in home remedies

Nourish your skin with ingredients from the kitchen. Yoghurt (curd), cucumber, tomatoes, lemons, milk, fresh cream (malai), turmeric, honey, avocadoes, gram flour, rose water etc are all wonderful for the skin. Make some home made face packs and give your skin the love it deserves. Click here for some home made face pack recipes :) ... Alternately just scan through our blog. We have write ups on lots of home remedies :)

2. Exfoliate your skin

Scrub your face to remove all the accumulated dead cells. Click here for home made scrub recipes.

3. Diet Regulation

We don't mean to sound preachy but when diet returns to normal so does the skin in many ways :)

Now lets talk about Hair Care.

I generally prefer carrying my own shampoo, conditioner and daily products in little travel bottles. The water in the new place could alter the behaviour and texture of hair, so sticking to one's own hair products is a safe bet for me. Since hair care can get a little elaborate, most of it can be taken care of, once back home. Here are a few things you could do.

1. Apply you favourite oil on returning.

For me its coconut oil hands down. But  you could use any oil which works for you. Massage your scalp and hair with some oil and give your hair much needed nourishment and relief.

2. Hair Spa

If your hair have dried out, then opt for some hair spa. Hair Spa treatments soften hair out and bring the bounce back.

3. Home Made Hair Masks

Try some nourishing hair masks on weekends or whenever you get the time. Click here to get an entire list of "easy to make at home" hair masks. 

Holidays are when everything which is routine like is put on the back burner. But since hair & skin are precious, give them all the love they deserve during & after your vacation.

Happy Holidays :)


  1. Next month main bhi traveling karungi to mdre liye bag pack karna easy ho gaya 😊
    Thank you so much

  2. Nice tips to protect skin and hair during holidays. Keep posting holiday tips.


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