Mistakes Which You Must Avoid In Make Up At All Costs

Hello Everyone,

We have so far covered many topics on beauty such as different kinds make up looks, tricks, techniques, easy home remedies and more. But one thing which remains untouched is the mistakes (in make up) which one should avoid at all costs to save the day. Several people, unknowingly commit these errors and wonder at the end of it as to what possibly went wrong. 

Do watch this video right until the end. We take you through a brief list of mistakes you must avoid.

1. Avoid copying videos on Social Media Blindly

While some of the beauty videos on social media are stunning and the way make up artists transform their client's looks, appears like nothing but a work of magic one has to keep in mind that every face morphology is different, every skin colour & skin type is different. What works on one face may or may not work on the other. For example some videos show layers and layers of foundation being applied on the skin. You may or may not need that much quantity. Simply apply as much as you need and judge for yourself (or take some help) to determine if your are on track. If you are looking for simple coverage without too much of foundation, watch our earlier tutorial here

2. Choosing the wrong colour of Foundation & Concealer

Trust me if your foundation/ concealer shade is wrong, nothing about the look will fall in place. A wrong shade could lead to oxidation (making one look grey) or could simply give the face a cakey feel. Hence  making sure that you have the correct shade and product suited to your skin type is important. If you are a beginner, spend sometime in sampling different foundations and choose the one that feels closest to your original skin type.

3. Choose Lipstick Colours wisely

You can go all out with colours, but do keep your skin undertone in mind while you do so. Determine if you have cool, warm or a neutral undertone. 

In case of a cool undertone, choose colours which have hints of blue or purple in them. Wondering how would a purple lipstick would look like? See this blog

For warm undertones, choose colours which steer more towards hues of orange & red. Here is a fun video we did with a Giorgio Armani lipstick

And if you are neutral, you have the best of both the worlds - go explore your spectrum :)

4. Keep the weather in mind 

Just how the weather dominates all our fashion choices, make up choices are no different either. For instance matte lipsticks in colder climates could make your lips flaky just as lip glosses could melt away in the heat. So sometimes you have to just take a call depending how hot or cold it is outside and move forward from there.

5. Lastly balance the harmony of colours in your look. You could follow the "less is more" mantra and stick to minimalism but choose your colours wisely to avoid makeup faux pas.

Hope these help in getting your makeup game on point.

Let us know about your experiences in the comments below :)

Take Care :)


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